Puffy black co-ordApparently I am in a quirky mood lately. First the silver pleated skirt and now a big puffy black co-ord. I was surprised how many of you liked the silver pleated skirt outfit. Let’s see how this outfit scores. It is another love or hate item, no wishy washy in between. I bought it at Vintage No 5 in Haarlem; weirdly enough, only the boots are second-hand, the co-ord is new. They sell a few new items.

A windy day in The Hague. Marjolein was my photographer and she took me to a church and after that to the Royal Palace Gardens.

Below: Marjolein in a purple outfit. The boots are EIJK boots and although more burgundy than purple, it is in the same colour family. We tried to find a corner near these church doors where the wind was blowing the least.


Below: Practicing a pose. I really like the photo, more than the first photo at the top. But I needed to use that first photo in order to give you a proper view of the co-ord. I hate fashion magazines when they don’t show the clothes properly (just a sleeve, or a couple of centimetres of the fabric).

Puffy black co-ord

Below: The brooch I am wearing on the top.


Below: It was a windy day with drizzle. Ideal for a photo shoot (NOT). Here you see the entrance of the Royal Palace Gardens. In winter it is, of course, not that pretty. It is open for the public so perhaps the royal family has a more beautiful garden behind a wall or so.

Palace gardens The Hague

Below: Showing the width of the top. There are drawstrings on the bottom sides of the trouser legs which you can pull to your desired style.

Puffy black co-ord

Below: Part of the palace. It doesn’t look grand from this side, but believe me, it is.

Palace gardens The Hague

Below: I found a post to hang from. My choice of bag was my puffy black bag.

Puffy black co-ord

Below: Art in the palace gardens.

Palace gardens The Hague

Below: That called for playing in. We both crawled in it.


Puffy black co-ord

Below: Marjolein’s burgundy EIJK boots, complete with a little soil. We did stray from the paths.

New boots Marjolein

Below: Then we found this building, which is for the Military Police.

Palace gardens The Hague

Below: The Military Police let me be photographed in one of their watch booths. So kind.

Puffy black co-ord

I was still wandering around with no coat on and I was freezing. We found a cute restaurant and had lunch while our limbs warmed up.

What happened in my life this week

Visited Marita (below) for a coffee and a chat.


Ron accompanied me to see mum and he hung a little lamp on the wall by her bed. Because it is hard for her to reach across the bed and switch the light on, we bought a set of “in between sockets” with a remote control and we managed to put three lamps on the remote control. The fourth one will be added another time. Now mum doesn’t have to move at all anymore (joke).

We stayed a couple of hours longer and played Rummikub. Sometimes people ask me whether I let my mum win. NEVER. I think that is an insult to her intelligence and she proves that often enough, like this Sunday when she beat me three times. My score was nil. Ron fetched chips and croquettes and the three of us had a “meal” together.

I did a photo shoot with Kitty but because of the cold, damp weather it wasn’t easy. My hair is looking so, so bad since the last cut. Bad hair makes me suffer.

On Wednesday I had a date with Arian, an ex-colleague whom I really like. We were going to have a lovely day in Amsterdam. Well, we did have a nice day, catching up but it was raining all day. We were soaked. Very different from our previous get-together.
Below: Arian. She and I used to have the same opinion on the work we did together. Makes work a lot easier. I could say something and she could finish the sentence.

Kitty came round to give me the quick Photoshop lesson that I needed.

I also had a cremation this week. My friend’s husband had died. So sad for her. Poor girl was crying all the time of course. There is really nothing you can do to console. She said that too. In the end it is really up to you  on how to grieve.

And on a totally different note, the painter has started in the house, repairing all the doors and walls where the paint has come off.


No Fear of Fashion


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