Fluffy pink blazerLike I promised, here is an outfit with colour instead of all black. And I mean colour! My fluffy pink blazer is a vivid pink. I saw the blazer on a woman whom I follow on Instagram and found out that the blazer was for sale in my own town. So I hopped on my bike and bought it (it was a steal in the sale). It reminds me a lot of my baby blue ‘Big Bird’ blazer, which I still love.

Below: Spring is around the corner. More colour with these crocuses. I love that the council plants all these spring flowers in the parks.


Loes and I returned to the same place where we had planned a photo shoot before, but that day it rained the whole time. This day it was nice and bright.

Below: This blazer feels like a PJ top. I know I am not going to wear it every day, it is not a basic item, but it was a bargain in the sale and I think it will last me a long time.

Fluffy pink blazer

Below: The silver bag is a couple of years old and by Nooki. They still sell them, just not in silver anymore. The silver boots are by my favourite brand EIJK.

Silver bag Nooki

Below: Just pretending to use the door knocker. I have no idea who lives here. The Paige flared jeans were hemmed to fit these boots, but I forgot to put on a belt.

Fluffy pink blazer

Below: Long blue earrings by Lara Design. This photo shows the structure of the blazer well.

Long blue earrings by Lara Design

Below: We were in a picturesque part of Haarlem (the ‘Vijfhoek’).

Old house in Haarlem

Below: Ninety percent of the houses are really old in this area.

Old house in Haarlem

Below: Loes in her ochre coat.

Loes in ochre coat

Below: Loes with no coat (she suffers too LOL). I showed you her warm, cuddly jumper a few posts earlier.


Below: Great, a gate to hang in. This is my fuchsia Max Mara coat, which I bought ages ago in their Turin outlet.

Fluffy pink blazer and a fuchsia coat

Below: A colourful flower shop on the corner.

Flower shop Miss Bloem

Below: Why not buy some tulips? So I did.

Fluffy pink blazer

Below: We had coffee and cakes in the same restaurant/bakery we went in last time we were in this area. It is called ‘In den Gevulde Broodmand’. And they serve delicious cakes and outstanding cappuccino.

In den Gevulde Broodmand

Below: And they sell coffee beans by the look of it.

In den Gevulde Broodmand

It was another nice shoot.

What happened in my life this week

Hardly any appointments/dates in my agenda on Friday and by Monday the week was fully booked. Strange.

Below: Let me start with spring flowers. Beautiful tulips (not from the flower shop but from the market). Unfortunately, they drooped after three days. By that time I was gifted another bunch of tulips.


Below: Walking through the centre of Haarlem, I saw this statue again, depicting the flower girls of Haarlem. This time all the bicycles and motors were banned to the right, instead of surrounding the beautiful statue. Read more about the Haarlem flower girls here (you can switch to English).

Flower girl statue

Below: As you know, I have problems with my hair at the moment (bad cut). These adhesive curlers help a lot. I can keep them in in the morning when I am doing my make-up and my hair is back in shape. Ron took the photo saying “That’s nice for your readers…”. Hmmmm.

Me with curlers in my hair

Below: One of my outfits this week. (Link to original post.)

Outfit with oversized men's blazer

A neighbour who lived next to me in 1981 in Amsterdam, got in touch again after we lost track of each other. She came to visit me after not seeing each other for 30 years. We picked up where we left off as if no time had passed. Of course we had to inform the other one about what happened in those 30 years. We did that in 2.5 hours and will make a new date to see each other again. She brought me two bunches of tulips (Tulips From Amsterdam, which is a famous song by Max Bygraves. And here is the Dutch version).

Below: Visited Kitty for a coffee and a chat.


Below: Many birds on the beach (photo taken by Ron).

birds at the beach

Below: And here comes Watson, storming in from the right, chasing the birds, his favourite pastime.

Watson spotting the birds

Below: As the birds started to fly away (they are no fools), Watson changed direction and chased one bird near to him. Needless to say he never catches any, but boy oh boy, does he enjoy this.

Watson changing tactics

Below: We had painters in the house, painting walls, doors, plinths etc. Everything that was damaged. It was cold with the doors open and I couldn’t move, afraid of touching the fresh paint.

Painters in the house

Below: Marcella was supposed to come to our house for a coffee, but we decided to meet at a restaurant as it was chaos in our house. The risk of rubbing against fresh paint was too high.


Thursday the painters finished the job and we discussed the last details. Now the house looks neat again.


No Fear of Fashion


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