Green jumper with cream trousersIsn’t this a fab combination? A green jumper with cream trousers. The jumper is a gift from my friend Sabine, who was getting rid of clothes she wasn’t wearing anymore. Sabine is a size smaller than I am so I thought nothing would fit. However this Essentiel Antwerp jumper was rather large on her, which is why she didn’t wear it much. My win. I love Essentiel Antwerp clothes.

Below: I tried it on at home and sent Sabine this photo. She replied immediately with a smile: “You’ve got it on backwards. Not that it matters as I used to wear it both ways.” It explained why the fit was a bit off.

Green jumper with cream trousers

I did the photo shoot for the blog with Janna (her Instagram account is and we had a pleasant half day together. We were supposed to go to an old area of Amsterdam, but it was raining cats and dogs (when does it not rain? So sick and tired of all this rain). Janna suggested to shoot at a big and luxurious department store called the Bijenkorf (bee hive).

Below: We started with cappuccinos of course. Chatted and chatted right till after lunch, so we didn’t move from our seats for several hours.

Janna of and me

It was time to take some photos. First I took this head-to-toe shot (and many more) of Janna.

Janna of

Below: Janna, looking at designer brand Jacquemus.

Janna of

Below: Then we moved on to another area to take photos of my outfit. These ME+EM trousers you have seen many times. (Link to original post with these trousers and a bright pink jumper. Still one of my favourite outfits.)
As you can see, there are buttons and buttonholes on the sides of the trouser legs to shorten the length to just above the ankle. The link in the previous sentence shows you this length.
The necklace is Angela Caputi.

Green jumper with cream trousers

Below: Another shot near the terrace. I did some photo shopping as these doors definitely needed another coat of paint. Pffff…what a poor sight; and for such an expensive store.

Green jumper with cream trousers

Below: The back of the outfit. I am standing in front of a Lego scale model of the department store.

Green jumper with cream trousers

Below: Janna caught me in an awkward position. I am wearing a top underneath the jumper and you can see the hem of it through the trouser fabric. I hate that. Will pay more attention to that.

Green jumper with cream trousers

Below: Close-up of the back.

Green jumper with cream trousers

Below: Same jumper but this time with a different necklace and worn with wide cream trousers. I could have done another blog post to show it off, but decided it wasn’t different enough.

Green jumper with wide cream trousers

What happened in my life this week

When visiting mum I could fix something with the hearing-aid technician and I took mum for a stroll, followed by a cup of hot chocolate in the nearby restaurant.

Below: Mum in the restaurant.

Mum at the restaurant

Below: I was wearing this outfit. (Link to original post.)

Outfit visiting mum

We had lunch with our friends Marcel and Maurits, starting with coffee. Such an enjoyable couple of hours.

Having lunch with Marcel and Maurits

Below: Wore this outfit to go to lunch. (Link to original post with this outfit.)

Outfit going to lunch

Below: Walking back home we saw this beautiful sign. Knowing how you love old buildings, Dutch architecture etc., I took a photo.

Beautiful sign

Below: Another outfit which I wore this week. My wide black trousers with a white sweatshirt and a green/black scarf for warmth.

Wide black trousers with white sweater

Below: This is quite the outfit week. Here is another one I wore. Husband Ron likes it a lot. The photo doesn’t do it justice, so here is the link to the original post.

Wide olive coloured trousers

Had another photo shoot with Loes and suddenly we had sunny weather. YAY.

Below: Marcella came round for a cup of cappuccino. She is wearing a teddy jacket underneath her coat in the same burgundy colour as the belt. Clever.



No Fear of Fashion


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