pink and black blouse with wide leg jeansWhat a struggle this is…creating new outfits with stuff from my own wardrobe. Honestly, not my hobby. Then again, this pink and black blouse is too good to wear with only one pair of trousers, so I tried. To my mind, I did not succeed. This blouse with my wide leg jeans is sort of OK but the outfit will never hit my top 10, not even my top 20. Which means, I didn’t try hard enough.

Kitty was my photographer and we went to the Frans Hals Museum, or better said, to the restaurant next door to the museum, called Cleeff Frans Hals Museumcafé.

Below: A statue of Frans Hals behind me.

pink and black blouse with wide leg jeans

The pink/orangey colour of the bag is nearly the same as the pink in the blouse, even though the photo shows it to be more orange.

Below: Bag by Marck & Mo.

Bag by Marck & Mo

Below: Big posters of paintings make a great background. The long golden earrings with a glass drop are by Lara Design.

long golden earrings with glass drop by Lara Design

Below: We went outside for some natural light. Although I am smiling, I was not happy. My hair looked absolutely abysmal. This time I tried to rein in my bad mood for poor Kitty’s sake.

pink and black blouse with wide leg jeans

Below: Great shot by Kitty.

pink and black blouse with wide leg jeans

Below: Me on a bench… of course. The boots (by EIJK) is not the right shade of pink but they are my best option. Perhaps I should have used a blue bag to avoid too many contrasting pinks.

pink and black blouse with wide leg jeans

Below: Kitty, my sweet photographer.


I felt bad because I didn’t like my outfit, I hated my hair and that gave me the feeling I was wasting Kitty’s excellent skills as a photographer. My apologies for this somewhat gloomy post. I would have liked to give you a more upbeat post as this is not really entertaining. On the bright side, it is authentic haha. Some days are happier than others.

What happened in my life this week

Ron had an operation on his hand to remove the thick tissue knots that Dupuytren contracture causes. He is fine and his hand is healing beautifully. It did mean that I was busy helping him. Not only with grooming and dressing, but also being his chauffeur as the dog needed his walks twice a day. It kept me busier than I anticipated.

But, Ron wouldn’t be Ron if he didn’t throw caution to the wind and started driving again himself on day four. And my helping was limited to the morning. So I cannot complain.

A lovely message came from the tax office. I had been corresponding and phoning with them since September about two of Ron’s old companies which ceased to exist in 2015. Gradually we found out what had happened (misunderstandings and a crooked bookkeeper). Long story short…all tax fines were erased. YAY, happy husband. Our tax authorities have a bad reputation but I have experienced nothing but cooperation, expertise and clear explanations. I think they are great. And I am not saying that because the outcome is so positive.

Tuesday I left Ron at home (with food) and went to dinner with my friend Helga (below). Always such a good night. Lots of laughing.

Helga and me

Then Wednesday, finally, my hair got cut by my old hairdresser, the one who knows my hair so well and who can work miracles. See below; it is still a bit “just got back from the hairdresser”, but that will settle in a few days.

Outfit with oversized blazer and a new haircut

Contrary to the previous months I don’t have to blow dry my hair every day to style it. Blow drying my hair every day is so bad for my hair. My hair is now automatically OK when I get up in the morning. Just a bit of back combing on top and I am good to go. It does wonders for my mood. (If you want to see the outfit above in better light, click through to the original post.)

Want to hear something new? I pledged to only buy 10 items of clothing (including coats) this year from the end of January onward. I told a few friends this news and they all burst out laughing, saying “YOU??” Fair enough, I have made this vow of buying less often before, failing almost immediately.

It was my friend Misja with her blog MisjaB (in Dutch, you have to use Google Translate). She wrote a post, telling us about the pledge she made to herself last year to only buy 5 items. She “failed” as it became 6 items in December. Which I think is a remarkably good result. There was one sentence in her post that struck a chord with me: “Every time I consider buying an item of clothing, I ask myself “Is this item worth to be one of the five?”. I never ask myself such a question. I just look in the mirror and think “Nice” and then I’ll buy it. Firstly, that is not sustainable, secondly I tend to buy a lot of things I shouldn’t (quality wise and style wise), thirdly, with prices having gone up so much lately, my pension is worth less than before.
Thinking about the item I am going to buy, contemplating for a little while, will hopefully avoid bad purchases. So, I told Misja I accepted the challenge but I would pledge 10 items from the last week of January onward to the end of the year, knowing that 5 would be a bridge too far. That means about 40 posts with outfits from my wardrobe (aaagghh).

The pledge and the effort of creating items from my wardrobe, made me take a long, hard look at all my outfits in my Outfit Gallery (in the navigation at the top of my blog). I came to the conclusion that there were a lot of items which I didn’t like on me. I assessed the outfits to see WHY I didn’t like certain looks. The answer is that I like edgy, arty, good quality, timeless or on trend and I don’t like old fashioned, out-dated, frumpy or bad quality. Those are good words to use as guideline with my shopping. Until the 7th of March I was doing excellently (= 6.5 weeks). Then I remembered a terrific black blazer I had tried on a couple of months ago but didn’t buy because it was black, very expensive and I didn’t have the money at the time. Not having bought anything for 6.5 weeks provided me with a bit more money than usual. Long story short, the blazer, in my size was still in the shop and half price in the sale. I asked myself the question “Is this blazer worth to be one of the 10?” And the answer was yes. So that is my first purchase of the 10. I am beginning to see the fun of this, not to mention the insights it gave me. Wish me luck.


No Fear of Fashion


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