Brown skirt with brown jumperAnother example of an outfit I don’t really love. Again created with clothes already in my wardrobe, but the result is not particularly striking. The brown patterned skirt is one that I bought some time ago, when a friend of mine was trying it on. Once a garment is on a person, I get an idea whether I want it or not. If it is on a hanger in a rack, it will only catch my eye when it is, well…an eye catcher.

You have seen the skirt before in this post with a neon green top. I liked it better that way.
The brown jumper I am wearing (really soft) you have seen in this post with patterned trousers.

Anyway, Loes photographed me even though her time was limited. Luckily we didn’t have to drive too far as I had discovered this entrance to a little car park nearby, with mural art.

Below: As the outfit is a bit drab, it works well with colourful backgrounds.

Brown skirt with brown jumper

Below: I admit, I did some photoshopping to get rid of grates and electricity boxes, spoiling the art. The tan belt is ancient, the boots you know by now (still favourites) and the Furla bag is also old. My cobbler gave the bag a good clean and repaired a few things. It is a light-coloured summer bag and it suffers from my sweaty hands.

Brown skirt with brown jumper

Below: Pretending to dance with this fellow.

Brown skirt with brown jumper

Below: Loes was holding hands with him.


Below: I give you the murals without me standing in front of it. The artist Phylos Donkertino has a website (

Mural art

Mural art

Mural art

Mural art

Below: And a close-up of the necklace. A friend of mine who passed away, made this necklace (in 2009 I think). See my post with Chunky necklaces (15 of them).

Chunky necklace

That’s the outfit for this week.

What happened in my life this week

Of course I visited mum and Ron came with me. The three of us sat on a terrace and had a drink but only for a short while. The sun was out and so was the wind.

Ron and I saw the film Wicked little letters. Good one! I really enjoyed it.

My half-year visit to the dentist brought me nothing but compliments. Yay. As it happens, my dentist is only one street away from the house of my friend Nicoline. So I phoned her and she was home. Not in a state to be photographed so you only get a photo of me this time (below). The colours of my Essentiel Antwerp jumper match splendidly with the painting.

At Nicoline's house

In the afternoon I popped by Wil, my former help, who is now retired. I tried to fill in her tax form, but she missed the essential “key”. Better luck next week. We had a good chat.

My friend Anja facetimed me for one and a half hour from Spain. Always great to catch up. Next time we will both have a cup of coffee while we chat, just like we did in real life when she was still living 2 houses down from us.

I had to do a lot of shopping and cooking and fetching and lifting as Ron still cannot use his right hand too much. He is fine with getting dressed and driving his car, which is already a huge relief.

Marcella came round for a cappuccino. Below a hazy “David Hamilton” photo.


Below: Wore this outfit this week. It is the same as in this post with the Shopping Saturday girls, only now I am wearing the right trainers with these flared jeans. (I washed them and rinsed them with vinegar. Hopefully they don’t stain my trainers anymore.)

Outfit green jumper with flared jeans

Been very busy trying to create new outfits with stuff from my wardrobe. Succeeded once (the rest wasn’t up to scratch). And I succeeded in creating a good outfit with my new black blazer. You will see that next week.

Marjolein (below) took the photos of the new black blazer in sunny The Hague.


Below: This week’s flowers…tulips again.



No Fear of Fashion


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