Black blazer with wide leg jeansThe first appearance of my new black blazer, the first of my 10 new items this year. This is a landmark moment.

The blazer is by Joseph, a flipping expensive brand, offering top quality so you get your money’s worth. Question remains, can I afford it? One of my favourite shops in Haarlem, LAB Women’s Clothing, sells Joseph and as I told you two weeks ago, this blazer was now half price (come to mama, baby). Daphne, the owner is a sweet lady and a good stylist. She is in for the long term relationship and not for a quick sell, which means she is honest.

The white shirt I am wearing with this blazer (here in its full glory), also came from LAB Women’s Clothing. As I was contemplating buying the shirt or not, Daphne sent me home to check first how many white shirts I already had. How about that? I had a few but none were as modern as this one. It turned out to be a good investment as it fits with newer jumpers and with this blazer.
(You know I don’t get paid for good reviews, don’t you?)

Marjolein took the photos in old The Hague, where our government resides. We went to a tantalizing shopping street called Frederikstraat. We managed to go in and out of shops without buying anything. The 10 new items a year strategy is working well for me so far.

Below: The Netherlands have a strong connection with Indonesia (once our colony – shame on us). A lot of Indonesian people came to live in the Netherlands, many of them in The Hague. Which is why you see a riksja (rickshaw) behind me. It is meant as advertising for an Indonesian restaurant.
The scarf I am wearing is blue with red dots. Bought it years ago and never wore it. But I knew it would come in handy one day. I like this flow.

Black blazer with wide leg jeans

Below: I also fastened the scarf with a diamond brooch but didn’t like that in hindsight. The flow is gone. (Close-up of the brooch underneath this photo.)

Black blazer with wide leg jeans

Below: Diamond brooch.

Diamond brooch

Below: Another option is my Max Mara necklace. I bought it after my dear friend Pat’s funeral. She was such a good friend. I specifically bought it to remember her every time I wear it, although I don’t really need a momento.
The boots are quite old.

Black blazer with wide leg jeans

Below: The sun was out and the temperatures were high enough to leave my coat in the car. YAY. Sunglasses out, flowers blooming.

Black blazer with wide leg jeans

Below: Nature is art. Great photo by Marjolein.


Below: A closer look at the necklace.

Black blazer with wide leg jeans

Below: Marjolein, who was nearly mirroring me with blue, red and black and white (boots). Coincidence.


Below: Close-up of her boots.

Boots Marjolein

Below: Marjolein painted her nails in different colours. Fun.

Nails Marjolein

Below: Behind Marjolein was a beautiful old building with many original ornaments. We had coffee and lunch here (Barista Café, Frederikstraat, The Hague).

The Hague

Below: We saw this little ‘plant library’, which I have never seen before. I know the cabinets as a free book library where you can leave a book you are finished with and take out another book that somebody else left there. These book cabinets / libraries can be found everywhere (at least in cities). The idea of this little cabinet apparently is to put plants there you don’t want anymore for anyone to take who needs a plant. Looks authentically wonky.

Library for plants

Below: We started to shop after lunch and I am really sorry but I don’t know the name of this gorgeous shop. The owner designs clothes, shoes and does interior decorating. We were very tempted and if they had had the green shoes we were eyeing, in our size, we would have bought them. They would have been worth to be the 2nd item of the 10. Alas.

Shop in Frederikstraat The Hague

Below: If you are ever in The Hague and you want to visit this shop, it won’t be hard to find. The Frederikstraat is not a long street and it is on the side with even numbers.

Shop in Frederikstraat The Hague

Below: Two more great buildings.

The Hague

The Hague

What happened in my life this week

Brought mum another top and a cardigan to try. She liked them both and kept them. After all, why not enjoy clothes even when you are 95?

Though it is hard to believe for most people, I am not good at styling. I don’t have the eye. Even worse, I look at a rack of clothes and my mind goes blank. As I have to create a lot of outfits just from my wardrobe, I asked Misja (blog MisjaB) to help me. I like her style and her eye for details, colour and her ability to avoid frumpiness. We know our tastes are somewhat different and Misja takes that into account when she advises something. I think it is really sweet when Misja says something is no good and then I say I really like it…she starts to apologize and is all “Oh dear, what did I say? It is of course, a matter of taste as well”. So sweet.

Anyhow, we (she) created quite a few new outfits with clothes I already have. The thing for me is, to embrace the fact that when I change a belt, or a necklace or a shirt, it counts as another outfit, another styling. I am so used to creating an outfit with (nearly) everything new, that it will take some getting used to. And for you too, dear readers.

Below: Misja.


One day this week, Ron asked me to come with him to the Teylers Museum, the oldest museum of the Netherlands. It was a bright and sunny day and I was wearing a newly created outfit by Misja. Going somewhere nice like the museum, usually makes for fun photos. Would Ron be so nice to take photos of me for the blog?? (He hates that.) And yes, he was kind enough to do a photo shoot. To make the day even more perfect, he invited me out for dinner that night.

Below: Of course he enjoyed it as much as I did. Lucky for him, I hardly drink alcohol so he could enjoy a drink because I drove home. He was drinking jenever and a beer, called a ‘kopstoot‘ (literally translated a ‘head butt’ but I think it is actually called a shot and a beer).

Ron enjoying a drink

It was a terrific day. With all that warmth and sunshine, nature is awakening. See the magnolia tree below.

Magnolia in bloom

My friend Jeanne (below) came over and after a short while, the rain stopped and we went into town for lunch. It was good to catch up. She looked good.


Did the tax return for a friend. Even though it was super easy, I wanted to check what the tax computer had (pre) filled as I am a control freak. Only, my friend doesn’t have a computer, only iPads and that caused loads of difficulties in uploading documents. In the end we had to accept two figures that were already filled in.
In cases of computer/iPad/iPhone problems I get very angry and say words I shouldn’t. Sigh. My friend said it wasn’t that bad.

Loes and I did a photo shoot for the blog with afterwards a tea for her, a coffee for me and a chat for us both. Below: Loes with Watson who wouldn’t sit still because he is wagging his tail like mad.

Loes and Watson

Below: Great photo by Ron of Watson standing guard (or more likely, looking for birds).

Watson standing guard


No Fear of Fashion


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