Man repeller jeans with green and blue jumperAnd here we have the first of my efforts to dress arty, edgy, contemporary with clothes that are already in my wardrobe. I say “my efforts” but 95% of it is Misja’s styling (MisjaB). She came over to my house one afternoon and we got cracking. I showed her this green and blue jumper by Essentiel Antwerp which I bought a while back but just couldn’t style. It always looked bleh or frumpy. Misja said: “Why not combine it with your tough jeans then? Your man repeller jeans? It can create a nice juxtaposition.” And she was so right; I love it.

Next she asked me: “Do you have any belts?” Whahaha…do I have any belts?

Below: Half of my belt collection. I never throw out any belts or any scarves.


She was particularly smitten with the Essentiel Antwerp embellished stretch belt and added that to the outfit. Me likey.

I was wearing the outfit one glorious, sunny day when Ron invited me to go to Teylers Museum. I saw my chance and asked him to take blog photos. Even though he does not like that, he agreed.

Below: After Ron had taken the photos, I got a message from Misja that she would have added a scarf at the top. Right. Good idea. I chose a scarf, going with the black and white of the belt. I hardly ever wear a scarf even though I have loads of them. They always make me look old fashioned. This time I liked it and the scarf doesn’t fight for attention with the earrings.

Man repeller jeans with a green and blue jumper

Brace yourself, have a cup of tea or coffee, or an alcoholic beverage as there are so many photos to come.

Below: Outside of the Teylers Museum where Ron took an artistic photo.

Man repeller jeans with a green and blue jumper

Below: In the hall of the Teylers Museum.

Teylers Museum Haarlem

Below: Teylers Museum is the best-preserved 18th-century public knowledge institution for the arts and sciences in the world. You can find fossils and minerals and much more. The link I have included (Teyler Museum) takes you to a page with a QR code at the bottom, giving you an audio tour with lots of information.

Teylers Museum Haarlem

Below: For instance, machinery demonstrating how things work like generating electricity.

Man repeller jeans with a green and blue jumper

Below: The electrostatic generator (Wimshurst machine) at the Teylers Museum. It is huge. From 1784 -1955 the museum had his own physics laboratory.

Electrostatic generator at the Teylers Museum

Below: The electrostatic generator model Ron has. Much smaller of course and still working.

Below: We arrived at the beautiful oval room. If you follow the links on the museum’s website you will see photos which are so much better than mine.

Teylers Museum Haarlem

Below: The ceiling of the oval room. The green curtains of the bookcases (because that’s what they are) on the gallery prevent light and dust of damaging the books.

Teylers Museum Haarlem

Below: So many physics instruments. It is wonderful.

Teylers Museum Haarlem

Below: If you are wondering why I pull such a face…I was shouting “OH” to Ron. As I sat down like this he said: “Ah, the-whore-behind-the window-position”. Shame on him LOL.

Man repeller jeans with a green and blue jumper

Below: I chose that side of the bench to sit because I wanted the background through the window in the photo. Unfortunately the sun was too bright there. So I took a separate photo of the statue (the right figure has a little tail).

Teylers Museum Haarlem

Below: And Ron took a photo of me sitting on the other side of the bench.

Man repeller jeans with a green and blue jumper

We went to see the Grand Illusion exhibition. I have no photos for you as there was just too much. The blog post would have been twice as long. The illusions were also hard to photograph.

Below: Well…one thing then. There was a peephole, through which you saw this…

Teylers Museum Haarlem

Below: …being the result of this, a simple collapsible peep show, a souvenir of the Great Exhibition of 1851. People were introduced to a new optical illusion surpassing the peep show: stereoscopic photography.

Teylers Museum Haarlem

Below: We arrived at the exit. The stairs were off limits.

Man repeller jeans with a green and blue jumper

Below: So I bent backwards to photograph the stairs. This photo shows you the light blue back of the jumper.

Man repeller jeans with a green and blue jumper

Below: Magnificent.

Teylers Museum Haarlem

Below: It was beautiful weather but there was a cold wind, so a coat was necessary.

Black and cream coat

Below: Sitting on a terrace, out of the wind and in the sun, it was lovely. Ron still has trouble smiling when a waitress aims a camera at him.

Below: Our view from the terrace. We were sitting behind the big Saint Bavo church with restaurants and shops to the left of the church.

View from the restaurant terrace

Below: The top of the church tower.

Top of the Saint Bavo church Haarlem

I hope you like the outfit and I hope you enjoyed this little tour. It was quite a lot, wasn’t it? If you still want to see more, here is a link to a previous blog post with photos taken at Teylers Museum with a beautiful long bright pink skirt. I regret giving it away. Oh well.

What happened in my life this week

Not an awful lot. I am beginning to get bored. Of course I saw mum on Sunday but Saturday, Monday and Tuesday were boring. I read a book in one afternoon and a morning. It has been a while since I found a book that captivated me. It was the Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry. I hadn’t seen the film other than a trailer and I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Reading a good book isn’t a waste of time, is it?

We saw Ron’s brother and SIL as SIL had her birthday. I was just in time to eat cake as from 11 o’clock I was not allowed to eat anymore. I had a CT-scan that afternoon, part of my 3-monthly check to see whether the cancer stays away. The scan was a breeze.

I worried a bit about a little fish in our pond. It was the only one left from the three that somehow escaped the big pond and ended up in the upper section. And there really is no fun life in that upper section. Ron rescued two fish but one kept escaping the scoop net. Every time we approached the pond, the fish somehow spotted us and hid. Then on Tuesday I got it with my little scoop net and reunited it with the other fish in the big pond. I can sleep again.

Below: Our pond. You can see that the bit at the back is higher than the long bit at the front. With a pump we created a waterfall.

Pond in our garden

Talking about sleep…the past 5 weeks I have slept without a pillow in an attempt to prevent headaches. That didn’t quite work, I still have them, about 4 times these last 5 weeks, which isn’t bad. BUT…I sleep sooo much better. So deeply, so soundly. I love it. And no, I do not have problems with shoulders or neck.

Thursday was a better day. It started with an early visit to the physiotherapist. My calves were in desperate need of help. I kept leaping out of bed to subdue cramps. Straight after that I drove to a restaurant nearby to meet Yvonne (below) for coffee. Always great as she is a lovely and cheerful woman.


In the afternoon I met Marita (below), who took photographs for the blog. The weather was a bit better. I am so thankful for all the kind help from my friends. They never complain about my requests to take photos.


Finishing with some spring flowers.

Below: Some blossom from one of Ron’s allotment fruit trees.

Blossom in the house

Below: The Easter bunny which Ron bought me years ago is out again. It looks like it is a chocolate bunny but no, it isn’t. The grape hyacinths feel like Easter and spring too.


See you next week.


No Fear of Fashion


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