Yellow summer jacket, yellow sandals, black&white accessories

Yellow summer jacket, yellow sandals, B&W 1
As I have often said, I am not very good at styling, at making new combinations. But because there are many women (and my husband) in my life who are, you think I am just being modest, haha. Not true but never mind. The outfit you see today is a blatant copy of the original, thought up by Trina of Tea Time with Trina. She created 5 combinations with her new yellow sandals. View Post

Leopard summer sandals

Leopard summer sandals 1

Could not resist these sandals in spring. But up till now I have worn them once and we are nearly at the end of June.  I hope they are still in fashion next year.

They are cute (at least in my opinion) but not easy to style for me as they draw lots of attention to themselves. Which means you have to be “quiet” above the shoes. And as I always buy “noisy” clothes, it needed some thought before I came up with this combination. Anja, my friend, nextdoor neighbour and personal stylist (haha, she will laugh when she reads this), helped me with the outfit. She thought that the belt should be in my waist, while I rebuted “that is  sooooo eighties..!!”  I am very pig-headed you see.

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