Leopard summer sandals

Leopard summer sandals 1

Could not resist these sandals in spring. But up till now I have worn them once and we are nearly at the end of June.  I hope they are still in fashion next year.

They are cute (at least in my opinion) but not easy to style for me as they draw lots of attention to themselves. Which means you have to be “quiet” above the shoes. And as I always buy “noisy” clothes, it needed some thought before I came up with this combination. Anja, my friend, nextdoor neighbour and personal stylist (haha, she will laugh when she reads this), helped me with the outfit. She thought that the belt should be in my waist, while I rebuted “that is  sooooo eighties..!!”  I am very pig-headed you see.

Of course she was right and even if it is eighties, we don’t care. This looks nicer than the blouse loose and the belt through the loops of the jeans.

The blouse is by Anne Fontaine, the jeans by 7 for all mankind, the sandals by Dune (bought them in a Dutch department store, called De Bijenkorf) and the belt thrifted (Etsy).

What with having a bad hair day and the photos not really being very sharp… it is not as nice a post as I want it to be. I wish I could get some help in the photo department as well.  Especially now that the photos are full size on my new website.

Leopard summer sandals 2

Leopard summer sandals 3

Leopard summer sandals 4

Leopard summer sandals 5

Leopard summer sandals 6

Now let the sun shine…. (please?).

PS in case you are wondering what that rooster is doing there…. it is a door-stop. The kitsch people have eh?
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  1. Marianne
    1 July 2013 / 18:26

    First of all I always thought that is was big-headed and not pig-headed. Pig doesn’t become you. This white blouse fitts you perfectly and worn like this with a belt is a very good combo because its pattern comes back in your sandals. These sandals are so lovely, I wish I could say that you worn them out at the end of this so called summer.

    • Greetje
      1 July 2013 / 21:12

      I think those sandals will keep till next year…

  2. 1 July 2013 / 19:00

    Wow, they are lovely xa

    • Greetje
      1 July 2013 / 21:13

      Thanks Aileen. For commenting and for the compliment.

  3. 1 July 2013 / 19:36

    Animal prints are an ever green of fashion and your sandals look also confortable. I like the combination with the white shirt since, as I use to say, your sandals have a strong personality. I hope your hot weather will last untill September!

    • Greetje
      1 July 2013 / 21:13

      The hot weather is yet to begin Dan… Nothing but low temperatures here with the odd day of warmth.

  4. 1 July 2013 / 19:51

    Those sandals are fantastic! I love what you’ve worn with them and I hope you get to wear them more. My styling these days is if a piece speaks loudly, then all my other pieces should too. But these sandals clearly don’t mind the attention.

    • Greetje
      1 July 2013 / 21:15

      Haha Melanie, I am trying the opposite. If a piece speaks loudly, then the rest should support it by being silent.

  5. 1 July 2013 / 22:08

    I’m with Mel- wear them more- and don’t worry about quiet or noisy above the knee- they will “go” with everything! (Try them with a floral dress, lovely G!) I like the echo of the leopard in the belt- having a personal stylist next door is quite a boon! PS: Have I said yet that you have the best legs!

    • Greetje
      1 July 2013 / 22:23

      Yes dear Bella, you have said that. Thank you, you are very kind. I can accept that compliment. It is the one thing about my body I am pretty sure about. Which is why I show them so often LOL.
      And eh…. I worry a lot.

  6. 2 July 2013 / 03:59

    You’re fnally wearing my favorite sandals. Dang, I love those! If you insists on keeping it quiet above the shoes you did very well, my friend, Have you thought of tieing your blouse (the ends toghether) for a different look also?
    I also agree with Bella and Mel, these sandals are way too cool to worry about quiet. I say go-for it! Mix them with some stripes (your black and white blazer) it would look awesome. And, we all want your legs.

    • Greetje
      2 July 2013 / 10:07

      I would not tie the blouse as I don’t have enough waist and hips to make that look work. It would make me straight and boxy. And we don’t want that, now do we?
      I will have try and see what other combinations can be made with them.

  7. 2 July 2013 / 14:12

    I like the looks feminine shirts with ease. The belt enhances your silhouette and is perfect. I love your shoes, they are beautiful and perfectly combine into the outfit. The side picture is very pretty.

    • Greetje
      2 July 2013 / 19:17

      I like the photo in the chair best. Glad you like my silhouette.

  8. Barbara
    2 July 2013 / 19:17

    Hey, I think your very ‘Dutch’ yellow-greenish pants? ( a few posts ago) grts from Morocco.

    2 July 2013 / 20:30

    Very classy!

    • Greetje
      3 July 2013 / 19:30

      Thank you, nice compliment.

  10. 2 July 2013 / 20:42

    Cute, cute sandals! And I really like the rolled jeans too. Thanks for linking up with Visible Monday.

    • Greetje
      3 July 2013 / 19:31

      I have to crop my photo first before I post it on your Visible Monday.

  11. 2 July 2013 / 21:33

    great outfits all over your blog.
    Have a good time
    Greatz, Sunny from Munich (Germany)

    • Greetje
      3 July 2013 / 09:50

      Thanks Sunny and welcome to my little blog.

  12. 3 July 2013 / 00:46

    Leopard never seems to go away … you’ll undoubtedly wear them next year. ‘Cause they’re so cute! Crisp white blouses always remind me of summer ( and Carolina Herrera.) How pretty you look in yours. Lucky you to have a stylist next door. We have a very loud, late-night mechanic with a bad attitude who lets his large dogs run loose. I like your neighbor better.

    • Greetje
      3 July 2013 / 09:52

      We even have a whole street with lovely neighbours. Every year there is a street party. We know eachother, talk to eachother, help eachother but do not spend much time with coffee visits or so. Exactly how I like it. I don’t think we will ever move.

  13. Saskia
    3 July 2013 / 12:03

    Very nice and if not in fashion next year and/of not on your list of favourites I’ll guess there’s a queue already for buying up. You can count me in. Wishing you lots of sunny days

    • Greetje
      3 July 2013 / 19:33

      Oops.. you are competing with Rebecca. I suppose the person with size 39 (Dutch size) has most chance of getting them. And I never sell anything. I give away.

  14. 3 July 2013 / 15:46

    I adore the sandals! I think they’re unique and timeless. Nice touch to repeat leopard print at the waist. You look fabulous in this ensemble.

    I think your photos look great Greetje. I just changed to full size photos too, and would love to take a photography class. So much to learn!

    • Greetje
      3 July 2013 / 19:22

      My niece is teaching me but I don’t practise enough. Indeed so much to learn. But as I said before: babysteps and one at a time.

  15. Red Tag Chic Los Angeles
    3 July 2013 / 16:19

    My my my…..count me in a fan of those SHOES…..everything I love is on it….leop, wedges, silver!!!!


    • Greetje
      3 July 2013 / 19:28

      Yep, these sandals are definitely you. I will put a red sticker underneath the shoes with your name on it. If I get tired of them and they still look nice, I will send them to you. LOL

    • Greetje
      3 July 2013 / 21:50

      Thanks. Looks good as long as I don’t lift my arms above my head haha.

  16. 4 July 2013 / 05:13

    those are some pretty amazing sandals
    wish they were living in my closet

    • Greetje
      4 July 2013 / 09:22

      They have many suiters. What size are you? LOL

  17. 5 July 2013 / 02:16

    Were I’m living now we have a few people that has lots opf land around their houses and they have live rooster and chicken.
    Loving your smile, the sandals and how the belt print matches it!
    I love to buy and wear noisy clothes as well!

    • Greetje
      5 July 2013 / 08:27

      We used to have three live chickens in our back garden. They all died of old age. Now how many chickens can say that?

      • 6 July 2013 / 06:58

        You right, not many chickens die of old age anymore!
        They were some lucky chickens!!!

  18. 11 July 2013 / 08:08

    Hi Greetje, Popping in to oogle your gorgeous sandals via Bella’s shoe shine. They are so very cute! They really are the star of your outfit! I do like the belt, and at the waistline is great; but you always look well put together Greetje!

    Sue xo

    • Greetje
      11 July 2013 / 21:32

      Thanks Sue for all these compliments. I see you from time to time on the blogs we both visit (first time at 40+Style). Funny little world this blogging world isn’t it?

  19. 19 July 2013 / 22:13

    You look hot!! Love the outfit. Those shoes are gorgeous…xo

    • Greetje
      19 July 2013 / 22:36

      And they are getting more and more comfortable.

  20. Happiness at Mid Life
    21 July 2013 / 22:54

    I love you have own personal stylist right next door. I sometimes will take a photo of myself and text it to my girlfriends for opinions when I can’t decide on buying an item at a store. I love these sandals – they are so fun with the leopard and the metallic trimming. I can’t wait to see how else you will style them.


    • Greetje
      22 July 2013 / 06:06

      I have not been very adventurous with the sandals yet. This week you will see them again, but styled in a similar way.

  21. Rosemary
    18 August 2013 / 16:28

    Hi Greetje, yes, the sandals ARE wonderful. No wonder you snapped them up. I’d love them too. Your outfit looks lovely, but what really strikes me from the photo is what a great figure you have! No wonder all your clothes look good on you!

    Much love from England,
    Rosemary of http://www.foreveronthecatwalkoflife.blogspot.com

    • Greetje
      18 August 2013 / 17:25

      Haha Rosemary… you won’t hear me complain about my figure but it is not perfect. I just know what to avoid and what to emphasize. Great to hear from you again.

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