Shopping Saturday loose in Haarlem

Shopping SaturdayMy face is a bit silly in this picture. It was the start of another glorious Shopping Saturday with my friends Sabine and Anke. As the knee wasn’t up to shopping (story is getting old) we decided (or I dictated) to shop in Haarlem. That way I could travel by bike instead of walking. Riding a bike is good for the knee. We started in a place called Heemstede which is glued to Haarlem, as we had done before in February 2017 (see this post). View Post

Piazza Sempione trousers with a print top

Piazza Sempione trousersThis outfit caused my bankruptcy (well sort of, not really). You know, the stuff I bought in Maastricht? These Piazza Sempione trousers are part of a suit with a double breasted jacket. I haven’t figured out yet whether that was a smart move. Why buy it? you may ask. Because I am a sucker for matching gear. In my youth I could never buy really nice clothes. Matching clothes like a suit or a bag in the same colour as your shoes, were things we would dream about.

And something totally different: at the end of this post you will see me in a little video (one and a half minute), speaking Dutch but with English subtitles. A colleague from the bank where I work, interviewed me about our house and how we made it sustainable. It has been on Facebook so you might have already seen it.
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