Golden boots dressed up with a classic jacket

Golden boots, black Pauw jacket and skinny jeans (3 van 7)Again the golden boots. This time dressed up with a classic black double breasted jacket by Pauw. A lovely brand with flipping expensive clothes. These last two years I didn’t buy very much from them. The black jacket is at least three years old and comes with trousers. The full suit is really for office wear only (see it here).

The jacket combined with skinny jeans is much nicer to me. A juxtaposition with styles and/or colours is a well-known way to create an interesting outfit. I learned both the word “juxtaposition” and how to achieve “this interest” while blogging the last two years. View Post

How not to dress…

Black and blue body with A line skirt 1This is a bit of a blooper post. A lesson in How not to dress when you are nearly 60. What was I thinking? This Wolford body is the “sister” of my black and white body. In the shop my husband and I had different opinions: he said: “buy the black and white one” and I argued that the blue and black one would make a change to my wardrobe. In the end he bought the black and white one for me and I paid for the blue/black. (I know…. decadent.) Needless to say he was right. Again.  View Post