Blue Kenzo jacket

Blue Kenzo jacket 3

This Kenzo jacket I bought in Paris, courtesy of my husband. (He gets mentioned quite a lot, doesn’t he? Let me know if it starts to irritate you. LOL)
Together with the jacket came the Kenzo top, which you recently saw in my post about a yellow summer jacket.

The jacket is not an easy shape for me as it is not fitted. Some of you might remember the struggle I had with my grey boyfriend jacket (part 1part 2 and part 3). Heather Fonseca of The Style Confessions solved that problem for me. She visualized her advice by fabulous sketches how to wear my grey boyfriend jacket.

So after such struggle you’d think I would be warned and stay away from loose jackets. Not me.

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Yellow summer jacket

This is going to be a quick post. About my yellow lightweight summer jacket.
You have seen it before in my post of my trip to Paris. Such an easy piece. Doesn’t even crease.
I bought the blouse and the jacket at the same shop in Zwolle where I bought my black and white striped jacket.
And in Paris I found the second blouse at Kenzo. Together with a blue jacket but you will see that in a different post.

Usually I buy tops and jackets to wear with skirts and dresses, so I am pleased I found things to wear in my free time. Why not look smart on your day off ehh? Please your husband instead of walking around in jogging trousers and a shirt. Which I don’t but still, I am usually simply dressed. And the poor soul is giving me so many lovely clothes, like this Kenzo top.
Before you start thinking that I am “a kept woman”… I am not: I work full time and pay for my own clothes.
I just have a generous man. A matter of doing some research before you get married.. hahah, no, no don’t take this seriously. I am only joking. Love the man.

The photos are a bit vague. You know my photographing skills…




Below: the Kenzo blouse. See the little (fake) pocket?



Below: a bit too much light on this yellow jacket makes it impossible to really see it. The first photos show it better, but I wanted to show it to you with the Kenzo blouse.