Checked blouse with skinny trousers

Checked blouse with skinnies 014_LRLast year I showed you this blouse with jeans and mint-green booties. Very handy if you have to walk a lot. But I am a lover of high heels. No fun walking on them, well… at least not as easy as sneakers or ballerinas, but they make me look a lot better. Or is it all in my mind? Anyway, I tried this checked blouse with skinny trousers and high heels and rated this look a lot higher. I took the photos last year just before it started to get cold. So I kept them for spring.

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Checked blouse and mint green booties

Checked blouse and mint green booties 1The facts that the colours were so vivid and that the blouse closed properly over my bosom spoke greatly in its favour. Coming home I remembered I bought some mint green booties a month ago in the sale for next to nothing. Don’t they make a good combination?  View Post