Shoes exhibition (22)Yes shoes…. lots and lots of them at the Shoe Exhibition in the Kunsthal, Rotterdam (runs until May 11 2014).It was a terrific exhibition, very well done. Beautiful shoes, art shoes, naughty shoes. So, so many. From ancient days to today, nicely arranged with numbers next to them, allowing you to look up the year they were produced and who designed them. With most shoes I will add the brand and the year. The first one at the top of this post is from 2011 by Andreia Chaves. It is called “Naked Version”. The inside shoe is leather and the black is 3D (print) nylon. View Post

Multicoloured dress

It is a bit risky posting outfits which I have already uploaded to the Style Forum of 40plusstyle
Because I can see that quite a few visitors of that site are visiting my blog too. So perhaps you have seen them already. On the other hand……it is a bit conceited to think everybody always paid attention to my uploads.

This multicoloured dress is one of my many favourites as I think it makes me look good both figurewise and colourwise. The only thing wrong with it, is the fact that the pattern does not run all the way round. If you have good quality stuff you can hardly see there is a seam at the side. This dress could be sold at a low price because they skimped on the material. If you don’t pay attention to the pattern running through, you can get more dresses out of the same amount of material.

You can see it was the end of summer, probably September, as the leaves were still on the hydrangea.

How about my green shoes? I was quite proud that I remembered them, hidden away at the back of my closet.

Photo above: the cat dropped from the tree onto a bush (nearly in the pond). It made such a noise that both the dog and I were startled, as you can see.


Olive green dress

Today something nicer than yesterday… my olive green dress from LaDress (la dress online). A lovely online shop with dresses that will suit any woman. You can dress them up or down. (I do not get paid for this advertising haha, I just like the shop.)

You will see my olive green dress with shoes and a brass wolves necklace. With a peach top and peach / black dotted scarf as belt. With pink/cream boots (Suzanne, these are for you) and with my black boots.
You can pick and choose what you like best.

Perhaps you will see this dress again in the future as Anja styled it with some more items, clever little thing.

Now I have to upload the photos very quickly as my husband wants his dinner on the table. It is my turn to cook.