Black, white and grey flower skirt

Black, white and grey flower skirtAnother post of an outfit with a skirt. I must say I never expected to deliver so well. Ron scouted the place two weeks before and showed me the white tables and red chairs, excellent as background for this black, white and grey flower skirt by Max Mara (or a sub brand). It is the terrace of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. The Tuesday after Christmas while walking the dog at the beach (too windy for my taste to join) he called me up and said: “Shall we do that photo shoot today? As it is nice weather.” I was so pleased and got changed immediately. I never expected such an offer as he already did the session with the sequined top the day before.  View Post

Flower dress from the Max Mara outlet

Flower dress by Max MaraYou are going to be so bored with me in dresses haha. This flower dress is another score from the Max Mara outlet. It is a very peculiar dress. The front is straight like a sheath dress and the back is all big and pleated. Furtermore the side seams aren’t going straight down but move to the front.  View Post