Green kimono blouse

IMG_0374_LRWe are in Haarlem in a “hofje”. A “hofje” is a courtyard, belonging to a group of small houses, once the home of poor women…..

I am wearing my green kimono blouse with a white flower necklace which is a present from Anja. Yes, you might have seen this necklace before, as Sylvia of 40+Style has nearly the same one. I am such a copycat LOL.

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Purple silk jacket

Purple silk jacket 1
Let me start by announcing two changes. The first one is easy: I changed the header of my blog. If you see No Fear of Fashion two or three times at the top of my blog, please refresh and it will be corrected.
Second change: as from next week I am going to publish only one post per week.

1) I spend far too much money on new outfits (a trap most bloggers fell into).
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A little white dress

(I am off to Paris until Sunday, so I cannot publish your comments. As soon as I am back I will attend to it.)

At there was a challenge called: wearing a dress over trousers. Although I submitted 2 photos for this challenge, it is not really my thing. The new challenge is going to be: Wearing White.
White on white or white with a fierce bright. (Everybody can send in 2 (or more) photos for the challenge. Deadline is May 25. Details are in this article.)

Now I find white as easy as black and remembered I had a Little White Dress in my wardrobe which I hardly wore. The brand is SportMax and bought in Milan two years ago. Time to see whether I had learned something from my fellow bloggers (should be about time….).

I threw the dress on the bed and added all sort of tops, belts, scarfs and cardigans. And tried one after another, after another, after another. I tell you… blogging and fashion can be hard work LOL.

The hard work was rewarded. I had the same, marvellous result as with my brown sheer skirt (herehere and here). Remember I had nothing to wear with that skirt and ended up with so many fabulous combinations? Well… this white dress offers the same opportunities and I will show you only a two of them in this post (so I have some photos left for another post… saves me another photo shoot haha). I did not even try jewellery.

Above and below: I was so proud of myself for adding a yellow belt with green and white. 
Before my blogging days I would never have thought of this.

Below: this is cheating a bit. I would NEVER wear this dress without my arms covered.
The photos are fortunately bad enough so you don’t see how old and wrinkled they are.

 The dog is very keen on having her photograph taken.

Above: with white slingbacks
Below: with black peeptoes

Photographic skills are still not up to scratch. Sorry.