Swinging yellow skirt with a blue jacket

Yellow skirt with blue jacketStill keeping my promise to show you more skirts and dresses. I wanted to pair this yellow skirt with a blue jacket. A jacket that wasn’t too long, not too short (belly showing), fitted, not too warm, not too cold. Can you believe my luck when I found this versatile jacket in the sale? The skirt was a holiday find in Spain last year. You already saw my reports on that holiday here and here. The skirt was really inexpensive and a bit of a risk. With its dangling strips it reminded me of a Hawaiian skirt. I wasn’t sure whether it would look dead common or quirky. The combination with the classic jacket fixes that. It creates a juxtaposition (I love that word.) View Post

Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam featured the Yellow Skirt

Yellow skirt (4)Usually you will find paintings and sculptures of old Dutch masters in this museum. But this time the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam featured the Yellow Skirt. For those who don’t know this phenomenon… the Yellow Skirt travels all over the world, from blog to blog. Every lucky blogger who is bestowed the honour, will style it in her own way. As I have often said, I am not a stylist, far from it. And I am not an artist. So my angle is: show it like a ball gown and find an appropriate Dutch setting for it. Voila… the Rijksmuseum. View Post

Fashion failures with a big black sweater

Allright….. this post is for a good laugh.

Some people seem to think that I am really stylish. That I know how to put together the perfect combination.
That is not true. I struggle. I try. Sometimes I succeed but lots of times I fail miserably.

Up till now I have shown you mostly my successes. Some of the outfits were put together by friends who are better in styling than I am. Some of them were actually by me.

This time I will show you my struggle with a very old, comfortable black sweater. As big sweaters are in fashion again, I thought I could re-use it. I also still had the long yellow skirt which I bought together with the sweater. (I saw to my surprise it was by Rykiel. Never knew that. Bought it in a tiny shop in Nice.)
And as leather and big sweaters are also in fashion, I got my long leather skirt out too.

We can safely say that it is hard to re-use something twenty years later. I don’t mind sharing my failures with you. As the subtitle of this blog says: live, learn and laugh.

OK…. now for the laughs:

I have uploaded the above yellow skirt with a fiited jacket to the Forum of the 40plusstyle.com site:
40plusstyle forum

And these were the best pictures of the series……