Yellow polka dot blouse (3)Another present from my husband: a yellow polka dot blouse. He mailed me a photo of this blouse when he spotted it in the shop. “Would you like this?”… Yes I would! And please could I also get that strange tie-thing they were displaying the blouse with on the mannequin? No idea what it was. It turned out to be a string of hair. ARTIFICIAL hair, mind you. Funny!! The shop was kind enough to give me this shop display item although it was not for sale. (They have a very good stylist.) The blouse is by SpijkersSISSpijkers, two Dutch female designers, who also designed my eye blouse.

So further down you will see the blouse with the hair-tie. But first the leather skirt. I had it shortened to knee length. When it was still at ankle length it was never to my liking. Even though Heather of The Style Confessions came up with a very good solution. As I was also searching for a pencil skirt to wear this polka dot blouse with….. one and one is two. The seamstress cut off the skirt to knee length et voila: a pencil skirt and a nice one too. It wraps and closes with a knot at the side. I suppose it is a bit matchy-matchy to add my yellow bag, but I am a matchy-matchy person. I try to control it, but it is hard to keep it down.

To give the outfit a more modern look, I also wore my black suede booties with this skirt. And hated it. Perhaps I should have worn different tights with it, but I found the photos so ugly I didn’t even want to put them on my blog.

Oh… don’t know if you noticed, but I am blond again. And letting my hair grow a bit longer.

Yellow polka dot blouse (2)

Yellow polka dot blouse 2

Below: now for the hair-tie……. Tararara Tara… drum roll:

Yellow polka dot blouse (4)

Yellow polka dot blouse (8)

Yellow polka dot blouse (7)

Yellow polka dot blouse (9)One day I wore this outfit with the hair-tie to the office. I was talking to one of my (male) colleagues when, after a minute, he spotted the tie and recognized what it was. He buried his face in his hands and nearly cried with laughter. We had such a great afternoon together. He kept coming back with remarks like: “You used to have hair on your teeth!” Or: “Do you shave it as well?” And: “Or are you trying to grow a beard?”

All in all.. wearing a thing like this, needs confidence, as you are bound to get sΓ³ many comments. I think it is a great joke and I don’t care what people think or say about it. It gives me a great time laughing.


No Fear of Fashion


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