SAMSUNG CSCIt may get a bit boring. See…. I ran out of photos…. you therefore will have to do with these. This is pencil skirt styling part 2 (here is a link for those who missed my first attempt). Of course after the initial styling the rest is easy. Once you have the basics, in this case boots and skirt, the tops are easy.

What is different to my normal approach, is the fact that I dived into my own wardrobe and got all these oldies out. Sometimes, new outfits don’t cost any money. Now for the 20 million dollar question…. are these looks still current? Or classic as in “any time”? Or really dated? You tell me. Or does it not matter as long as you look good?

Here we go.

The photo above is my favourite from this bunch. It is simple and I like the tension between a pencil skirt and the tough belt. It also shows off my curves (never knew I had any) in a good way, so I am rather pleased with it. Do you notice the big difference from my normal appearance? I am not wearing my red lipstick! I should never be without.

Below: from the back. Big dangerous split and hair in a mess. SAMSUNG CSCBelow: from the side. (You can tell I haven’t got many photos, can’t you LOL?) But I mean, honestly… hardly any stomach showing, reasonable butt area and for once my bosom looks good in this brown top. Not too bad a score.SAMSUNG CSCBelow: to get some colour near my face I put my blue with purple earrings in. A necklace didn’t work with this belt.SAMSUNG CSCBelow: close-up earrings SAMSUNG CSCBelow: without the belt and with a statement necklace. The pendant had come loose so I had to hold it. I think this top with the necklace looks better on my brown sheer skirt. In that old post you can see the necklace better and also the brown belt I decided to add when I actually wore this outfit to work.SAMSUNG CSC Below: the second top, a leopard  print as shown with trousers here. It is much better with a white top underneath it and a small necklace, as you can see here.SAMSUNG CSCBelow: hmmm a little dangeous, this skirt with this top. With the brown sheer skirt my stomach is showing a lot less.SAMSUNG CSCWhich proves that a piece of clothing can be wrong in combination with one thing and perfect with another. And it also proves that your figure can look good and bad (or less good whichever positive way you want to look at it), depending on the clothes you wear.

Lots of exploring still to do….

Oh, I almost forgot to make you smile. Very necessary with such a boring post.

Me at the office, taken November 11, 2008, which makes me 54 years old here. I look 40 in this picture.Greetje zwarte jurk en rood geblokte kousen verkleind


PS linking up to Shoe and Tell, to show you some fabulous shoes.

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