Matisse (1 van 1)The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam is featuring another great artist, Matisse. My husband Ron thought the exhibition would be a nice background for my outfit photos. The idea appealed to me….would Matisse and Max Mara be a match?

Yes, that was my thought. Not “.. oh fantastic, I am going to see great paintings!!”. No……. none of that. You see, I am a philistine. Always willing to look at nice paintings but not knowing a single thing about them. So don’t expect to read any details about the paintings as I never take notes.

However, there was a problem. The museum is lovely but there is not a lot of light (typical for musea…). And our camera skills are still not up to scratch, especially not for indoor photography. Which resulted (again) in bad photos and bad moods. Really bad moods. We straightened things out again (we always do) but I thought Ron would stop helping me with my blog. Fortunately he still wants to take my pictures but says that I have to make sure the camera settings are right (HELP).

After careful photoshopping a few pictures of me next to a painting passed the bar. All nearly the same… stupid really …..

The photo above is made at home with a tripod. So you can see some details of the trousers and blouse. Both Max Mara, both bought in August 2014 when I visited Dan (The Pretty Cute) in Italy.

Below: details of the trousers. Blue with a green print. Blue suede shoes.Matisse and Max Mara (1 van 1)Below: in the museum. Of course my eyes were drawn to a piece of clothing.Matisse and Max Mara (1 van 12)Below: this painting is not by Matisse, but please don’t ask me who the painter is… I just liked the dress.Matisse and Max Mara (2 van 12)Below: unmistakably Matisse.Matisse and Max Mara (3 van 12)Below: three more painting of which I cannot tell you a thing.SAMSUNG CSC



Matisse and Max Mara (6 van 12)Below: better light in the lobby, next to the statue of…????… Pulling a strange face.Matisse and Max Mara (7 van 12)Below: Matisse, the mermaid and the parakeet. Very famous. Don’t look for the parakeet. It is further down the right and not in this picture.Matisse and Max Mara (9 van 12)Below: and another picture of it, without me blocking the view (Matisse would have been mortified had he known we would use his beautiful work as background….).Matisse and Max Mara (10 van 12)Below: oh alright, here is the parakeet. It is the blue, carrot-shaped thing above my head.Matisse and Max Mara (8 van 12)Below: no idea… but it is Matisse.Matisse and Max Mara (12 van 12)Below: OK mission failed, let’s go home.Matisse and Max Mara (11 van 12)

I am off to the camera shop for some more guidance and explanation. Sorry guys, no great photos, no fun. Better luck next time.


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