Boyfriend jeans with jackets (7 van 9)Friday was the start of my short holiday: 10 days. Hurray. My friend Marjolein was coming and we were to hit the town. Which means in my book: flat shoes. The day before I had been in tight skinny jeans and on high heels from very early morning till late in the evening. Even went out to dinner. Which meant a great need for comfort the next day. Starting with the shoes, I chose my white sneakers by Marco Polo (they are white, really they are. I have cleaned them now). And for more comfort, my boyfriend jeans with jacket.

As I had no outfit photos left for a post, I decided to use my tripod again and take some pictures in my garden. (I could hear what Ron was thinking when he came home and saw this. He hates my garden pictures.) But no photos, no post. And you, my dear readers, are not really following me for my art photos, now are you?

I knew my trusted boyfriend jeans were very comfy. A fitted jacket was a must to balance things. First I tried my purple velvet jacket. Dismissed by Ron who didn’t like it with the jeans. Then I tried a lime corduroy jacket but … saw my Kermit green jacket.

Below: I thought I had nailed it. Colourful, just what we needed for springtime.Boyfriend jeans with jackets (2 van 9)Below: not bad from the side either.Boyfriend jeans with jackets (3 van 9)Below: trying to look nonchalant by putting my hands in my pockets. But I noticed that my stomach was showing a lot more than two years ago. I knew I had put on some weight. Now I also knew where……..  Not funny.Boyfriend jeans with jackets (1 van 9)Below: I decided not to publish the photos where my stomach was bulging and to hide it by adding a blouse. A bit better, but I was getting a very manly vibe by then. This was not elegant enough. In hindsight I think the problem was caused by the sneakers. Boyfriend jeans and sneakers is just a bit too much for me.Boyfriend jeans with jackets (5 van 9)Below: detail of the necklace (gift from Daniela, The Pretty Cute). And on the left (my right hand), my new wedding ring. Gift from my husband Ron for our 20th anniversary.neckace green and blackBelow: I went back upstairs and grabbed my bright blue Karen Millen jacket, being in a hurry now as Marjolein was about to arrive at the station. Quickly ….what necklace? Oh the white one (gift from Anja, the Curly Traveller). Why not, it is certainly feminine…. OK BETTER.Boyfriend jeans with jackets (8 van 9)Below: details of the white flower necklace. white flower necklaceBelow: and last but not least, these same boyfriend jeans with a black&white jacket and (sort of) Oxford shoes. Taken June 2013. The same white T-shirt, but with less weight on me. BummerBoyfriend jeans with black and white jacket Well…. back to tummy exercises and living on lettuce and water… sigh. …… Only joking… yes, I have to do more exercises, but living only on lettuce?? No. I have to restain myself from chocolate Easter eggs and the such.

And looking at all these photos…. I need a new smile, fooks. This one is getting stale.


No Fear of Fashion

PS Linking up with other bloggers, all gathering at Patti’s Visible Monday.


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