Street Style 2015

Street Style 2015 (4 van 7)Long overdue… another Street Style post. See the previous ones here, here, here and here. It was very hard to get pictures for several reasons:

  • the weather has been aweful in The Netherlands this summer (some people beg to differ, but for me there were only two months of sunshine)
  • I had to work so hard, I hardly had time to blog, let alone go out with my camera to shoot Street Style photos
  • Haarlem, where I live, has many women who don’t want to be photographed or appear on a blog. Even if they look ever so nice. Every time somebody says “no” or “I’ll think about it”, I get so disappointed!

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Cream booties

Cream booties (9 van 14)I hit the jackpot with these cream booties. Because…:

  • I love cream booties. No…, I adore cream booties and boots
  • they have an elegant heel and some height but feel like flat shoes
  • I can wear my support soles in them
  • they are modern and look awesome with skinnies
  • and most of all…. I can wear them with bare feet and from the moment I put them on, I could shop on them all day long

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Diane von Fürstenberg wrap dress

Diane von Fürstenberg dress (2 van 7)As I have told you before, Daniela (blog The Pretty Cute) nudged me to wear more dresses. Which is a good thing. Otherwise I would have continued buying skinnies and never have thought of buying a dress. One Saturday while shopping with my friends/colleagues Sabine and Anke (see our previous Shopping Saturday), we stumbled upon this Diane von Fürstenberg wrap dress. I was actually trying on another one (see below) but the lady in the shop thought a dress with a collar would suit me better. And she was right. Also, friends and staff preferred the vivid blue of this dress over the red and purple of the other one (on me). Who was I to argue? (Mind you, if they would sell the dress below with a collar, I would snatch that one too. I still like it.) View Post

Red sweater from Ally

Red sweater white skinnies sneakers (1 van 1)One Sunday late afternoon, Ron and I went to a nearby estate to walk our dog Charlie. She loves that park and I thought it would be a good photo opportunity. Because…. I was wearing the red sweater gained at the clothes swap during the 40+ Blogger meet-up. It used to be Ally’s who is a transgender and blogs as Shybiker. Ally picked my black pleated skirt with a coloured rim from the swap. I hope it was a fair trade as I really enjoy this sweater with its see-through hem.  View Post