Olive coloured trousers with a bright pink jumperMy friend Erna took the photos of these olive coloured trousers with a bright pink jumper. You have seen the trousers before in December paired with a cream jumper and I am still ‘shopping my own wardrobe‘. Nothing is new this time.

Below: We started at restaurant De Volkslust for coffee and my hair had gone down to its usual flat self.

Olive coloured trousers with a bright pink jumper

Below: Erna and me. I know Erna looks like she is 35 but she is not. I won’t give away her age, but you’d be amazed. At least my husband was.
I was leaning on a stool which resulted in an odd pose.

Erna and me

Below: We went outside to continue ‘the shoot’ and I never noticed that the ends of my scarf were in sight. I had carefully tucked them away but evidently not well enough. That is why I don’t like scarves. They have this tendency to change their appearance.
The colour of the ancient jumper is this raspberry pink. Ron liked the black and white of the belt corresponding with the scarf, so I threw in the black and white checked tote for good measure. It was a present from Marianne years ago.

Olive coloured trousers with a bright pink jumper

Below: Many bicycles and cars to ruin the sight of a beautiful quay. I cannot remember why I laughed but you know I laugh easily. Those trousers are sooo comfortable and I love the look of them.

Olive coloured trousers with a bright pink jumper

Below: On the bridge over the canal. Little wooden stairs lead from the quay to the restaurant’s lovely terrace on the canal. You can just see one table in the right bottom corner of the photo.

Olive coloured trousers with a bright pink jumper

Below: At another side of the restaurant Erna was taking photos when a couple of guys passed who told me I looked good haha.

Olive coloured trousers with a bright pink jumper

Below: Erna had just finished a colour and styling course which she liked a lot more than she anticipated. She styled the blouse she was wearing with these three pairs of trousers. The ones on the left we bought together that day, the ones in the middle were the ones she wore that day and the jeans on the right are new, but she didn’t like the shoes with it.

Erna outfit combinations

Below: To make your wardrobe work for you, you have to try and combine clothes in multiple ways. Here she is with a raspberry jumper and two different trousers. She asked my opinion about the jumper: in or over the trousers. My preference was over with the trousers on the left and in with the jeans because she would otherwise lose the details of the buttons on the pockets. But with the jumper a bit over the waistband.

Erna outfit combinations

It was nice of Erna to send me all these try-out photos (I had asked for it). If you do the same with your clothes and keep the ones you like on your phone or your computer in an album, you can consult them if you don’t know what to wear. I do the same by putting a photo of every outfit I publish in my Outfit Gallery at the top navigation of my blog. So handy.

We had a lovely afternoon and will meet again soon.

On my way home I decided to photograph some nice houses. Nice for various reasons.

Below: Two posh houses, mirroring each other.

House in Haarlem

Below: Details of the house above. How about these sculptures?

Sculptures on a facade

Below: Typical Dutch houses. The bulbs in the grass were almost starting to bloom (difficult to see).

Houses in Haarlem

Below: And one last one. I liked how they all have striped balconies.

Houses in Haarlem

A bit of a short post but they cannot all be top of the bill. No highs when there are no lows.

What happened in my life this week

Ron and I went to town on the Saturday to have a coffee, a chat with Karlijn of kpa.haarlem (didn’t buy anything), look for a new nightie, sort out a ringtone problem at the Apple store and have lunch. I now have a new ringtone: ‘The Magic Flute or Die Zauberflöte, K.620 Act II Der Holle Rache’. A lot of ‘Oh ho ho ho ho ho, Oh ho ho ho ho‘ etc. It was a nice day, just the two of us and the sun shining. It seems like an ordinary thing but we do realise that we are very fortunate: still together and loving each other, both being in good health (if you don’t count my knee) and having enough money. We know this could end in a second so we are consciously enjoying it.

Below: Of course I visited mum, who wore a jumper I didn’t know but she claims it is old. She probably didn’t wear it much because of the low neck which is cold in winter. The problem is now solved with a roll neck.


I took mum to hospital for her eye injection and a check-up. The injections seem to help so the doctor has changed the intervals from every 4 weeks to every 6 weeks. After two times she will get another check-up to see whether that was a good idea.

I did another photo shoot with Loes at restaurant De Dakkas in Haarlem.
Below: View over the city from restaurant De Dakkas. I nicked this photo from the internet as it wasn’t such nice weather when we were there.

De Dakkas

As a matter of fact, when I got up and looked out the window I saw hailstones followed by snow. Oh great (NOT)! So I opted for this restaurant as they have glass walls (‘kas’ = greenhouse and ‘dak’ = roof) which means lots of light. Plus WC, mirror and no wind. Ideal. My hair looked good all the time heh heh heh.

Marcella and I had a great shopping day in the fantastic town of Alkmaar. I am ashamed to say that I caved. I bought an oversized brown jumper to wear with my flared leggings as I thought the first brown jumper which I bought together with the leggings, were just a little bit too short. I like to cover my crotch with such ‘trousers’. I also bought a kimono jacket at a second-hand store with a lot of discount as well.
Now…my husband was taking me out to dinner that evening and I had said no to that because of my deplorable financial state. (We always split the bill as we both have roughly the same income and I am an extremely independent woman.) He offered to treat me to the meal.

Arriving home with two purchases is not exactly  supporting my claim of not having money, is it? I snuck up the stairs to hide the bags and thought I had gotten away with it. Not so. He had spotted the bags and I split the bill with him haha.

97% of the times I am dead honest. Only sometimes I fib. I don’t really want to spend money on going out to dinner and we do that quite a lot. Dinner was OK, not splendid. The company (a.k.a. Ron) was terrific of course.


No Fear of Fashion


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