Wide cream trousers with a red and white shirtMost items are from my wardrobe. I had already combined these wide cream trousers with a red and white shirt the day I bought them. They say it is best to create multiple outfits with a new purchase straight away. For once I did that and kept photos on my iPhone in an album called “Outfits still to do”.

You have seen these trousers with a rather tight leopard top as well as with my oversized men’s blazer. This blouse makes three outfits, which is two more than I would have come up with 10 years ago. And perhaps I will create another outfit with it.

Loes was my photographer and Heemstede (adjacent village to Haarlem) provided backgrounds. Heemstede has a lot of wealthy residents.

Below: A home for elderly people. Seems very roomy to me.

Building in Heemstede

Below: Wearing an old but dear red jacket

Wide cream trousers with a red jacket

Below: One of the houses nearby. This, to Dutch standards, is pretty posh.

House in Heemstede

Below: And this one too. It would probably take a couple of million euros to live here.

House in Heemstede

Below: We chose another posh house as our main background. The car suits me, don’t you think?

Wide cream trousers with a red and white shirt

Below: Let me get the post from the postbox…

Wide cream trousers with a red and white shirt

Below: The silver boots I am wearing, are new. I messaged the designer (Jolanda of EIJK) in August asking if she could have the boots manufactured in the colour silver (I have them in champagne) and suggested there might be a market for them. She agreed and started the process of finding the right leather etc. They arrived in January.

Silver boots

Below: Couldn’t resist to combine this silver with gold crossbody bag.

Silver bag

Below: Or this silver coloured metal bracelet. Bought second-hand a couple of years ago. The gold part you see on the bracelet is just sunshine.

Metal bracelet

Below: Ring created by Melanie’s husband O. Melanie had a blog called Bag and a Beret, but now mainly posts on Instagram.


Below: I like the black and white striped earrings with the red button with this outfit (Lara Design). At first I thought it would be too much (pattern) but they actually work very well.

Wide cream trousers with a red and white shirt

We decided to move onto the market. Well, you know what market stalls are like, so I will skip those photos.

Below: Sweet child with doggie. Nothing to be afraid of.

Little girl with little dog

Below: The guy from the coffee stall was a keen photographer and didn’t mind taking a photo of Loes and me. We had freshly baked ‘stroopwafels’ with our coffee. They are toaster waffles with syrup or treacle-waffles.

Loes and me in wide cream trousers with a red and white shirt

Below: One last house before we headed home again.

House in Heemstede

What happened in my life this week

I attended the last session of my photography course. A pity as I really enjoyed it.

We visited friends and took our dogs for a walk. Unfortunately my knee was really hurting, so we cut it a little shorter than planned. When we got back to their place, they served delicious bites and soup and we talked and talked.
Below: I wore my leopard print trousers (link to outfit post).

At a friend

Mum and I played rummikub while Ron fetched the weekly groceries. I taught her that a polo neck looks much nicer when you tuck the collar in instead of rolling it out.


Loes and I did another photo shoot. Lots of women smiled and made sure they weren’t blocking the camera which is nice. We had the most delicious ‘pastel de nata‘ at Metzo, the best I’ve ever had. The restaurant served the pastel de nata hot with a scoop of raspberry sorbet ice cream and chocolate sprinkles. So good. I can highly recommend this restaurant; all their food is outstanding.

A bit of a rough visit to my dental hygienist. She discovered ‘pockets’ near two molars and that is not good news. We immediately bought new electric toothbrushes and I now have to use pipe brushes to clean between the molars. Getting teeth cleaning instructions (for the umpteenth time) when you are nearly 69…I should be ashamed of myself. I always thought I did it correctly. Apparently not. Glad I went; my teeth are beautifully clean again.

Hanneke, my seamstress is going to hem the trousers of my green suit and the lining of a wool skirt. We chatted for a couple of hours. We know each other for such a long time.

Helga and I went out to dinner and that was lovely with one snag. A singer with guitar and amplifier, was performing almost the whole evening in the restaurant. That meant you had to raise your voice to be intelligible. Not something you want during dinner. Anyway, we still had a good time.
Below: Helga and me. I wore my lilac dress with burgundy boots. We had sushi and of course I spilled little drops of soy sauce on my dress. I took the dry-cleaning label off when I put it on that night and the dress went straight back to the dry cleaners the following morning. Next time I had better put on a print dress.

Helga and me

Marcella came round for coffee on the 23rd and when Ron arrived back that morning from walking Watson, he brought cake. I said: “Oh nice!” He replied: “You have no idea why I bought cake, do you?” Then it dawned on me…it was our 28th wedding anniversary. He always remembers, I always forget.

A couple of weeks ago my friend Erna said to me that the permanent make-up on my eyebrows was turning green (aggghh). I quickly made an appointment to have them “done” again. But by a different person than the first time in 2021. Marcella had given me the address of a lady who she claimed, was really good. And I second that. My eyebrows are so much better now. That weird square corner is gone; this is the shape of my natural eyebrows. My natural eyebrows are very blonde, which is the reason why I chose permanent make-up. It gets them noticed. Without colour on them my face looks like the surface of the moon (bare).

Below: My new eyebrows. Don’t be alarmed, this is an hour after they have been done. They won’t stay this dark. The second photo is a bit scary (there is a reason why I always have a fringe…). But it does show you that the shape has changed. And they aren’t green anymore. Me happy girl.

permanent make-up eyebrows

permanent make-up eyebrows

Friday we had cheese fondue together with Froukje and Petro at a restaurant which specializes in this. Happy evening.
Below: The restaurant, In ‘t Goede Uur (In the Good Hour), is really medieval with lots of different levels, nooks and crannies. They serve more than just cheese fondue, but that is what they are famous for.

In 't Goede Uur

Below: Preparing raclette on a grill together with Petro. The other two had gorgonzola fondue.


Signing off this week with some flowers.

Below: Spring in our living room: daffodils on a table and in the window.

Spring in the living room

Below: Ron cut some blossom branches off a pear tree in his allotment.

Blossom branches


No Fear of Fashion


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