Kenzo dress with white jeansThe days I wore this Kenzo dress actually as a dress are gone. Too short, even with a pencil skirt underneath it (see this post). My knees are too old and even my shapely legs are too old now to put on display. I weep but it is time to come to terms with it.

I have worn the dress as a jacket with skinny jeans and in today’s post you’ll see it as a tunic with white jeans and two different belts.

Over to the day of the photo shoot. It was a great day with my friends Sabine and Anke. The three of us have a WhatsApp group called Shopping Saturday and shopping is exactly what we did. And talking of course.

Below: Sabine striking a pose.


Below: Anke, smiling modestly.


Below: We found a tunnel with graphic work on the walls.

Kenzo dress with white jeans

Below: We made good use of it. Circles on the wall, circles on my tunic dress. The belt is one which I purchased long ago but only wore it once. I thought it would be nice with the dress.

Kenzo dress with white jeans

Below: Sabine took a photo of Anke against the wall as well. She is carrying my white shopper.


Below: We went back to the street and saw this sign telling us that drinking alcohol in that area is forbidden, according to local regulations, article…(someone put a sticker with his head on top of it haha). Sabine ordered us to stand beneath the sign. Anke’s photo was the best one.


Below: Sabine and Anke. The three of us really like each other and appreciate our friendship, as we also mentioned to one another.

Sabine and Anke

Below: The way the sun shone through the leaves…gorgeous. Never mind that woman in the middle of the street…look at the trees.

Kenzo dress with white jeans

Below: Resting bitch face while checking the photos we made. As if I can see anything without my reading glasses. Nearly choking Sabine who still had the camera strap around her neck.

Kenzo dress with white jeans and Sabine

Below: We passed this shop which was beautifully decorated. What struck me were the (artificial) flowers they had put in between the stones of the pavement. It looks great.

Beautiful house in Amsterdam

Below: By this time I had swapped my burgundy leather belt for the fabric belt that came with the dress. The belt is meant to be worn quite differently (only on one side, leaving the dress hanging loose) but I don’t like that (sorry Kenzo designers). I had the belt extended a few inches to wear at my waist.

Kenzo dress with white jeans

Below: Trust Sabine to position my head next to the bare buttocks of this statue haha.

Kenzo dress with white jeans

Below: It was time for lunch and Sabine took this photo in a corner of the restaurant.

Kenzo dress with white jeans

Below: Anke was checking her iPhone.


Next stop was a vintage store.

Below: Sabine in a sequinned top which she didn’t buy and neither the skirt.


Below: She did buy this golden waist-coat as she needed golden clothes for a theme party.


Below: Time to pay.

Kenzo dress with white jeans and Anke

On to the next vintage shop. We were in Haarlemmerstraat and Haarlemmerdijk. An area with many, many vintage shops.

Below: Anke trying on a sequinned top and a tulle skirt. It also came in green (lying on the chair in front of her), so we think the skirts weren’t vintage.


Below: Sabine was the one who discovered the tulle skirts and she bought the pink one, saying “What the heck.”.


Below: Close-up of Sabine’s trainers.

Trainers Sabine

There were no dressing rooms which would never stop us from trying on clothes. What we always do, is just drop the trousers and try the stuff with our trousers hanging down our ankles.

Below: Caught Sabine doing that haha.


Below: Caught Anke doing that too. Killing ourselves laughing.


Below: Anke tried on this sequinned dress but it didn’t make it home. Trousers down heh heh heh.


Both girls were successful with their shopping and I was busy taking photos. Until the last half hour in the last shop where I succumbed to a pair of pink cargo trousers. In my opinion (and perhaps only in my opinion), an arty, edgy and modern item, as I explained two weeks ago. You will see the trousers next week.

Below: On our way home we saw these cute balconies.

Lovely balconies in Amsterdam

I had to leave earlier as Ron and I were invited for dinner by our neighbours.

Below: I passed this terrace on my way to the train and it looked tempting.

Terrace in Amsterdam

There will be no “What happened in my life this week” folks. I’ll explain next week.


No Fear of Fashion


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