Chunky yellow shoes with jeansSmall changes to an outfit also create a new outfit, right? You have seen these jeans with the shirt before in September last year. This time I have changed the earrings and the bag, added bracelets and put on chunky yellow shoes. When husband Ron saw the shoes, he just said “oh”. Turned out, he doesn’t mind the yellow (as I thought he would) but the sturdy sole. Ah…fashion, he clearly didn’t keep up with it.

Loes and I were off to the centre of Haarlem, to the big canal running through the town, called Spaarne.

Below: There are many restaurants at Spaarne, which all have their terraces near the water. I particularly liked this sofa but do wonder what they’d do when the rain comes pouring down as it so often does these days. Do they lift it back inside??

Chunky yellow shoes with jeans

Below: As you can see, the view is pretty good.

Chunky yellow shoes with jeans

Below: As I sat there, I saw a ship coming from the left, which I think, is always a magnificent sight.

Spaarne canal in Haarlem

Below: It was going towards another bridge.

Spaarne canal in Haarlem

Below: We decided to move on to a side canal, pretty as well.

Below: There must be a company housing in such a huge building.

Below: A smaller house on this canal.

Below: Showing off the big yellow shoes.

Chunky yellow shoes with jeans

Below: What I love about this photo is that it shows how well the tailors added length to my shrunken jeans.

Chunky yellow shoes with jeans

Below: Loes. Her shirt was much whiter than this picture shows. Couldn’t get the colour right.

Below: As we were in the centre of our old town, there are many beautiful houses and streets to photograph. This, by the way, is the red-light district of Haarlem haha. See the two red lanterns behind me?

Chunky yellow shoes with jeans

Below: The background is the glass front of a theatre. Love it as a background.

Chunky yellow shoes with jeans

Below: The back of the white shirt has buttons you can open.

Chunky yellow shoes with jeans

Below: Last but certainly not least, the Lara Design earrings.

Earrings by Lara Design

Not only Delft should be on your list to visit when you are in the Netherlands. Haarlem is definitely worth visiting as well.

What happened in my life this week

Saturday I saw Marita (below) for coffee while it was pouring with rain. People were sitting on the terrace, protected from the rain by sunshades but we chose to sit inside the restaurant. By the time we finished talking the sun came out. (Link to the original post with this outfit.)

Our friends Georg and Marla treated us to a dinner which was delicious.

Sunday Ron came with me to visit mum and scrubbed the bathroom. The cleaning service in the nursery home isn’t up to scratch, so I dust and hoover every week and when Ron comes with me, he does the nasty work.

Monday I met Sylvia of 40PlusStyle in Amsterdam. She is visiting the Netherlands again and of course we met.

Sylvia of 40PlusStyle

Below: She took this photo of me. (Link to post with original outfit.)

Coffee with Sylvia

Tuesday I took mum to the hospital for her regular eye injection.

Wednesday morning Marcella (below) came over for a coffee and a chat. We are both into bracelets at the moment.


Below: What a cute earring she is wearing.

earring Marcella

In the afternoon my hairdresser worked her magic again.

The rest of the week nothing interesting happened, but here is some random stuff.

Below: Swans with 5 little ones. So cute.

Below: Why my cat sleeps on her face, I have no idea.

Cat on windowsill


I will be very busy the next fortnight so I will probably not be able to reply to comments in that time. As soon as things slow down, I’ll catch up. And don’t worry, there will be a blog post again next Sunday.


No Fear of Fashion


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