What I wore on my trip to Paris

As you might know, my husband Ron gives me a very nice birthday present each year since 2008. He gives me a generous budget to spend time with Lia, (one of) my (two) best girlfriend(s) on a trip to…. where ever we choose. So far we have been to Paris, London, Milan, Kopenhagen, Rome and this year again to Paris.

I know Lia since we were 16 and we are very harmonious together. Neither of us dominate the other and neither of us get annoyed with the other. Which can happen when you are together 24 hours a day for 3 to 4 days. And we also share the same humour. You can imagine the fun we have.

As the weather forecast was not very good for our days in Paris, I had to pack more than I wanted. An umbrella, a coat and boots that could withstand rain, lots of different shoes for walking, meaning they had to be right for my support soles (we are getting older…). Layers of clothing, socks etc.
Fortunately the weather forecast was too pessimistic. We had half an hour of drizzle the first day and 1 hour the last day. So just 1 1/2 hours in three days.

On our second evening, Ron texted me: “Here is another budget for you and Lia. Go crazy!”
…. We did.

At the Jardin du Luxembourg. Wearing boots as it drizzled.

Ordering a crèpe (pancake). Wearing my leather coat which is excellent for spring weather. 
I left my handbag in the hotel as this Camper bag is super light and can hold more things.

Below: sewing on a button on Lia’s coat in the hotel. It had come off and I don’t mind sewing. She does. What are friend for….. 
This is what I was wearing when we came on the train. Similar in this post but in Paris with a sweater.

Below: The Louvre

Below: look what Lia’s camera did with the above photo!! Amazing isn’t it?

Below: in the garden of The Louvre: Les Tuileries. Wearing my new brogues. Which of course, made my feet hurt after 8 hours walking.

Below: having one of our many coffee breaks.

Below: the striped jacket was on tour as well. This time with an orange top.

Below: Lia and I, again on a terrace, waiting for the pina colada and the mojito.

It was great fun and I bought too much stuff, amongst others a top and jacket by Kenzo.
You will be hearing more of this in another post.

Black and white spring jacket

This is going to be an elaborate article. Not so much for text, but for the many photos.

The jacket is about 3 years old and very up to date, being black and white. I saw my fellow blogger Trina wearing such a jacket in a fun way with polka dot tights. As copying is the best compliment you can give the creator ….. I went ahead and did just that. Unfortunately my copy was not as good at the original by Trina (Teatime with Trina).

So I decided to go back to my original combination with trousers. You will see the jacket with cream trousers and with white trousers. And with:

  • a long (double) black belt
  • a small black belt
  • a yellow belt
  • no belt 

After looking at the photos I decided that the double belt is not really good for this jacket. Especially not seen from the back. But I cannot decide between a small belt and no belt.
Obviously it does not matter what colour top you wear underneath it.

Below you see the back of the jacket, on the left with the double belt and on the right without one. 


Below: my Trina “imitation”.

Below: just for fun and variation, sitting in a chair: on the left with cream trousers, on the right with white trousers.

Below: with red top and yellow belt (very daring for me).

Below: with a small black belt.

Below: no belt

They say you should kill your darlings. Meaning you should choose and limit the number of photos.
I am afraid I was not very successful at that this time.

Black and white striped jacket

Guys, this was hell… photographing in bright sunlight with a lot of wind…. I tried several spots.
The lovely lady who was taking care of Anja’s cat, took the first photos with the arch of green behind me. And we chose to set the camera on automatic. I ask you…. what good is “automatic” when all photos turn out over-exposed???? I could adjust some of them with Picmonkey but only some.
The setting was so nice… what a bummer.
(Note:… been to the camera shop… now I know what I did wrong…It is always the person behind the machine who is wrong. Not the machine itself.)

So I got into the car and went to a park. Could not park at the park…..
Along the canal was a parking spot. Hurray. There I went with all the gear…tripod and all. To find out that the remote was dead. Of course no spare batteries.

After being blown away and freezing, I gave up and shot a couple of photos a week later in our trusted garden.
The striped jacket was a terrific find in a small shop in Zwolle, a nice old town in the east of our country. After a first glance I thought I was going to walk out with all of my money still in my pocket. Hahaha… I drew my credit card three times!


The next two photos below are for the view….
And below two pictures which provide a better look at the jacket.


I feel very much “Jean Paul Gaultier” with this jacket.
If you want to see some interesting shoes, then have a look at the post “Shoe Shine” by Bella (The Citizen Rosebud). She hosts numerous bloggers and their shoes.