How to wear a skirt in a contemporary way

Black leather skirt white sweater purple necklace (2 van 11)To continue my search in how to wear a skirt in a contemporary way, this time: my black leather skirt. You have seen it three times before: twice awefully styled, when it was still ankle long (here and here) and once after I had it cut (here). It was a good decision to take the hem up, but I still styled it in a very classic way. Looking at other bloggers I came up with this outfit and I am beginning to like it. View Post

Yellow polka dot blouse

Yellow polka dot blouse (3)Another present from my husband: a yellow polka dot blouse. He mailed me a photo of this blouse when he spotted it in the shop. “Would you like this?”… Yes I would! And please could I also get that strange tie-thing they were displaying the blouse with on the mannequin? No idea what it was. It turned out to be a string of hair. ARTIFICIAL hair, mind you. Funny!! The shop was kind enough to give me this shop display item although it was not for sale. (They have a very good stylist.) The blouse is by SpijkersSISSpijkers, two Dutch female designers, who also designed my eye blouse. View Post

Black leather skirt and kimono

This skirt was a pain. Perfect black leather, perfectly tapered, but…..what to wear with it?

In the old days when I bought it at Pauw (again, I know, it is ridiculous how much I bought there), I combined it with a  cream blouse which I have shown before. Or with a red short jacket which you will see later in time.
Problem with both items is that they are so classic. Although I don’t mind classic, I want a modern twist.
So I was trying and trying to see what I could wear with the skirt to update it. Failed several times as you could see in big black sweater failures.

My husband did not like the combinations I showed him very much. Or just a bit. Then he said: “How about your Japanese kimono?”

I know that kimonos are HOT, very trendy and this time I was ahead of things. I have at least 4 kimono-type tops. And one real silk Japanese kimono from 1930. Black and white, which is also HOT. A vintage find in Antwerp last summer and a present from my husband (yes… again. The man loves me.)

Below: trying to look debonair…


What do you think of it? Be honest please. Very good? Or very bad?