Blue Kenzo jacket dress worn in Amsterdam

Blue Kenzo jacket dressFriend Misja asked me whether I wanted to model for a spring fashion shoot she had to do for a German magazine. Haha.. of course I wanted to. Vain as I am. She had to photograph 14 different women, all over 40, in spring clothes. With Amsterdam as the background because the title of the magazine article is: “What do women wear in ……” …..Amsterdam this time. Oh and no coats and no black clothes. Not such an easy task as spring was still very young two weeks ago. We chose my blue Kenzo jacket dress. Fortunately the sun shone lovely and away we went. View Post

Diane von Fürstenberg wrap dress

Diane von Fürstenberg dress (2 van 7)As I have told you before, Daniela (blog The Pretty Cute) nudged me to wear more dresses. Which is a good thing. Otherwise I would have continued buying skinnies and never have thought of buying a dress. One Saturday while shopping with my friends/colleagues Sabine and Anke (see our previous Shopping Saturday), we stumbled upon this Diane von Fürstenberg wrap dress. I was actually trying on another one (see below) but the lady in the shop thought a dress with a collar would suit me better. And she was right. Also, friends and staff preferred the vivid blue of this dress over the red and purple of the other one (on me). Who was I to argue? (Mind you, if they would sell the dress below with a collar, I would snatch that one too. I still like it.) View Post

Blue dress by Filippa K

Filippa K blue dress (1 van 6)This blue dress by Filippa K (a Swedish brand with lovely basics, using great fabrics) is a recent buy from when I went shopping with Daniela (The Pretty Cute) in Amsterdam. Daniela nudges me towards wearing more dresses and she is absolutely right. I love her elegant style and don’t mind shifting back from skinnies to dresses. Daniela found this blue one for me. Please ignore my cone shaped hair. Hair and me… a constant battle.

And by the way…. no, ladies, I am not going to excommunicate skinnies. I will remain who I am: loving colours and loving leggy things.  View Post