Grey green baggy trousers

Grey green baggy trousers (66)_LRReaders who have been following my blog from the start, might have seen this outfit before, as I published a post about these grey green baggy trousers, back in November 2012.That won’t have been many readers though. Besides, this time I have changed shoes for boots and added a scarf and a coat. So plenty of new things to see. View Post

Brown sheer skirt, part 3 en last

My brown sheer skirt gave me so many unexpected possibilities. Hope I don’t bore you as this is the third article on the subject. I wanted to show you a fourth as well, but decided against it. Would be too much of the same. LOL

It was such an eye-opener that I could come up with so many outfits just by setting my mind to it. Before I began this adventure and threw all sorts of tops on the bed, this skirt was hanging in my closet, not being worn for 2 years. Now I can wear it so many times.

The first time you have seen it with a brown top, brown boots and a statement neckace, and the second time with the same brown top but a different belt, smaller necklace and python shoes. (I am giving you the links in case you want to refresh your memory -haha- or have not seen them yet.)

This third time I am using a leopard top (seen before here), cream jumper (seen before here), again a different belt, different necklace and my beautiful blue earrings (seen at the bottom of this article).
I spotted similar earrings with a big oval red stone and a green drop… so nice…. I could not restrain myself and tried them on. Fortunately they did not suit my face. Too long. What a relieve, as I did not have the money for it. LOL

And below the last two creations:

  • with a blue cashmere jumper, small brown belt and large bracelet.
  • with the leopard top underneath a brown velvet jacket. (I need to come up with some more combinations with this jacket. Next challenge.)

Will you believe I once said I only wore a skirt and top in one combination as only one could be perfect?
I find all these combinations perfect.

Grey green baggy trousers. Right and wrong.

Because showing failures got such enthousiastic comment, I decided to show some more.
Failures??? No problem. I have lots of them.

This time my baggy trousers. Dangerous territory for a women of 58. Dangerous territory for women who want to please men. Because hardly any man likes this look. Pity. I cannot help it…. I love these trousers.

The high heels in the first (right) outfit and the nice, cream coloured jumper, are what the trousers need.
As a sort of compensation.



The jacket which I tried later and the orange scarf are both hopeless.

Tomorrow I will show you some more photos with these trousers.With sneakers !

Have a nice day or sleep tight.