Red trouser suit that roars…

red jacket with tigers on jeansRemember, two weeks ago I showed you this jacket in my post Shopping in Amsterdam, Cornelis Schuytstraat? Nynke (owner of the shop Wynia) tracked the jacket down in my size. Cheerfully I went back to the shop, determined to buy only the jacket. But… as I looked at the trousers, I decided to give them a try. And me liky. Me liky very much. Richard, one of the stylists at Wynia, gave me black pointy pumps to assess the outfit better and I was sold. To the pumps as well, but they had to order half a size smaller for me. I am a difficult customer 😆 . View Post

Pink coat in Paris

Pink coat by Filippa KGoing back in time, but not much. This photo was taken at the end of September 2016 when Ron and I spent 4 fabulous days in Paris. Of course I have already reported about that trip (striped dress, white dress, sequined top, blue top and trousers). After publishing these four posts it was the end of October and the weather had turned cold. Not a good idea to show you a pink coat. As spring has arrived in The Netherlands it is time to show you this beauty. View Post

Sequins in Le Marais Paris

Sequins in Le Marais When Ron and I were in Paris, I didn’t want to spend a lot of time shopping as I knew he doesn’t like that. Not anymore, I should add. When we met, he would happily shop with me for four hours on a stretch. One sad day that ended.

As Ron found lots of fun places to visit in Paris, I didn’t mind not shopping. Especially not as I had already spent quite a few pennies in Turin and in The Netherlands. So what’s with this sweater in the above photo? Found that on Friday in Le Marais, an area of Paris which is full of lovely shops, cafĂ©s and well dressed women. But that was not my fault. Ron wanted to go to the museum of arts and crafts (MusĂ©e des Arts et MĂ©tiers) and that happened to be very near Le Marais. I didn’t suggest the museum. Please take note of that. View Post