Winter styling of an autumn dress

Winter styling of an autumn dressWhen I bought this dress, it was supposed to be for autumn. Which struck me as strange. It is very lightweight and I get cold very easily. I therefore tried it on in summer (don’t you love wearing your new purchases as soon as possible? I do). It was evidently too warm. So I wore it in September and October with sheer hold-ups plus pumps and with a pair of 3/4 trousers plus sneakers (see this post from Paris). In November I got cold. And I tried my hand at what so many women do: I styled the dress for winter. Not my normal thing as I am a lucky so and so, I have a big wardrobe, with clothes for every season.  View Post

Flower dress from the Max Mara outlet

Flower dress by Max MaraYou are going to be so bored with me in dresses haha. This flower dress is another score from the Max Mara outlet. It is a very peculiar dress. The front is straight like a sheath dress and the back is all big and pleated. Furtermore the side seams aren’t going straight down but move to the front.  View Post