Turin and Daniela

Turin with Dan Oct 2015 (45)_LRWhat can I say? Visiting Dan in Turin is such a delight. The flight is only  1 1/2 hour, cost just over 100 euro (return flight) and takes me to a friend who is always so happy to see me. As I am so happy to see her. Amazing that such a deep friendship can come from just blogging. English is not our native language and expressing yourself is so important to get to know the real person. Nevertheless there is a soul connection which covers the blancs in our conversation. View Post

Diane von Fürstenberg wrap dress

Diane von Fürstenberg dress (2 van 7)As I have told you before, Daniela (blog The Pretty Cute) nudged me to wear more dresses. Which is a good thing. Otherwise I would have continued buying skinnies and never have thought of buying a dress. One Saturday while shopping with my friends/colleagues Sabine and Anke (see our previous Shopping Saturday), we stumbled upon this Diane von Fürstenberg wrap dress. I was actually trying on another one (see below) but the lady in the shop thought a dress with a collar would suit me better. And she was right. Also, friends and staff preferred the vivid blue of this dress over the red and purple of the other one (on me). Who was I to argue? (Mind you, if they would sell the dress below with a collar, I would snatch that one too. I still like it.) View Post

Yellow coat, green silk blouse and B&W body

Black and white body with green blouse 7Hurray for skinnies. I love them, could wear them every day. They make my legs long and they feel like pjs. This particular pair of skinnies is by Max Mara (again…. Dan and me… we just love this brand).

Oh I have to tell you this before I go on. The sleeves of the purple Max Mara coat which you saw in my previous post were too long. The shop altered them for me. At the top of the sleeves, not at the bottom because then you would lose a button. They did it for free. Now that is Service.  View Post