Chalk line jacket and jeans

This jacket is an oldy but goody by Pauw. They do have clothes that last….
It is not an easy jacket to style. I have had many failures with it. The jacket is at least 10 years old. As I was so much younger at the time (…) I wore it with a black leather pencil skirt. Later with a white pencil skirt, which you can see below.

The last photo shows how difficult it is to wear this jacket with trousers. Most trousers are too wide (see the last photo, the outfit on the left).
As a contrast between chic and casual usually makes an interesting picture, I tried jeans. The colourful scarfs are for the necessary colour. (Wearing a gold necklace in the outfit with the skirt). You can choose your favourite combination. I am very interested in your opinions.

Above and below: with a silk scarf and blue-with-purple earrings.

Below: in an attempt to make the whole picture less black and somber, I tried cream skinnies and a cream scarf. Hmmm…. not too fond of this combination. The skinnies look a bit like Long Johns. I think these skinnies are better with boots over them. See last photo.

Below: with the cream/white skirt and very old (pointy) boots. I cannot say goodbye to these very comfortable DKNY boots. But they are really outdated. I should throw them away, shouldn’t I?

Below: with two other scarfs and boots over trousers. Notice the trousers on the left which are too wide for the boots.                      

Let me know your honest opinion. Do you like it with jeans? With the skirt? With cream skinnies? If the latter, with boots over the skinnies or with shoes?


A coat is a difficult piece of clothing in The Netherlands. We like to be fashionable and look pretty, but the weather gets in the way. It is usually windy, cold and rainy. And if you have to walk or cycle (we do that a lot) it is no fun to be all dolled up and getting soaking wet. Even now at the end of March, it is freezing cold.

So we tend to go for sensible coats. Sylvia of 40+ style always advocates colourful coats to brighten up our winter days and I agree. Which is why I have a yellow coat with purple faux fur collar and a red short coat (with top hat). But only if the weather allows it. And for spring I have my Versace Jeans Couture python print coat (scroll down two photos in that post), not colourful but very pretty in my opinion.

If it is really horrible, my big black coat by Annette Görtz is my refuge. I will hold on to that piece till it falls apart.  Very high quality stuff and they have the guts to present a model who is over 40. Bravo.

The little orange coat and scarf are gifts from my husband. Better said, I bought these with the gift cards he gave my stepdaughter and me a couple of months ago, which totally made our Saturday haha.





Below the Annette Görtz coat or anorak. It has a hood which is terrific when it rains and you have hair like me. It is rain-resistant on the outside and warm on the inside. Sleeves are wide enough to suit a jacket and the coat is long enough to wear over a long jacket. Big, deep pockets.
I don’t think it is particularly nice, but I have friends who adore it. What a comfortable coat.


Bring on Springtime.

A perfect style guide

Lets put this upfront: I do not do advertising and I do not get paid for anything on this blog. So any links you see, are there because I want to share them with you.

Right, that is out of the way.

Now for some serious business. Frequent visitors of my blog, know that I am a fan of
Sylvia, of 40+ Style, has written an e-book, a style guide, called 10 Steps to A more Stylish You. (Took a lot of hard work, I can tell you.)
“In 10 steps, preferably taken into the space of at least 10 days, you will discover about your own body, your personality, your style preferences and learn how to apply them to your unique self.”

I can highly recommend this. I did it myself and it really opens your eyes. Although I know myself quite well (what colours to wear, body flaws, “assets”) and am not unfamiliair with the subject, it still helped me. And it is so easy to read.

If you want to find out more, here is the link: 10 Steps to A More Stylish You course
As an introduction offer, you can buy it for $ 24,95 instead of $ 150,-. Worth every penny. So much better than all the courses I have seen, followed etc.


Yellow polka dot cardigan

This cardigan is a bit of a struggle.

At first I was very pleased with myself because I came up with a cream/black polka dot top underneath the yellow/black polka dot cardigan. The combination would have been cute, only the top had the wrong kind of collar for my neck. It made my neck too long. Frequent visitors know I gave the top to my stepdaughter at Christmas. Better somebody else enjoys it, than hanging on to it and never wear it.

So I tried the cardigan with an A-line charcoal skirt and black blouse. And with a black wide skirt and black top. I will start with that, but I think the best combination is the cardigan with a black top and the A-line skirt (not photographed).

Below: trying to adjust my hair…. 

Below two photos of the cardigan with the A-line skirt and a blouse. 
The A-line skirt is good, but the blouse makes the outfit a bit dowdy.

Below the cardigan with another skirt, which is a bit too short and definitely too tight in the waist. 
I will throw that skirt on the pile: Give away. 
In the second photo the collar of the cardi does not look bad, because the photo is flattering.

A cardigan is usually straight at the hips. Which is something I should avoid at all times. It makes it very hard to create a good figure. (Note to myself:  to put on my NO GO-list: “be very careful with cardigans”.)

Pink neon top in two combinations

One Wednesday I was out shopping with a girlfriend from my schooldays. First time the sun was out since a long, long time; lovely company and new spring clothes in the shop. An irresistable combination.

My friend is an outspoken person like me. A quality most of my friends have.LOL Anyway, my friend’s taste is somewhat different from mine. Not that we dress totally opposite, but she is more classic than I am.

We were in a nice shop and I got carried away:
yellow boyfriend jeans, striped sweater, lovely horizontally striped skirt and a neon pink blouse.

The blouse was meant to be worn on jeans which met the approval of my friend. The shop assistent turned out to be a qualified stylist and said it was totally S/S 2013 to wear the blouse in the skirt.
I tried it and was just thinking it was indeed a nice look when my friend called out from behind a rack with clothes: HIDEOUS!!!
I had to laugh so hard….How I love my friends and their honesty.
As you will see from these photos, it did not stop me from wearing it like this. We are all different people with different taste.

Those black skinnies…. I love them to death….


Below: I had to wear sunglasses as the sun was behind the camera and in my eyes.
The two photos below are for my next door neighbour girl (age 6 1/2). 
She lent me her necklace: pink glasses with a black mustache underneath it.

Oh, one more thing:.. last week, Trina had the scoop of a very similar skirt. Have a Teatime with Trina.