Queens Day and …Spring in The Netherlands

Since 1949 we have celebrated Queens Day on April 30, the birthday of Queen Juliana, even after Beatrix became queen. That is because the birthday of Queen Beatrix (now Princess Beatrix) is January 31 which date is far too cold to celebrate anything outdoors.

What happens that day?

  • Everybody in The Netherlands dresses in orange (after Beatrix of Orange) or red/white/blue (colour of the flag). 
  • Loads of people try to sell the rubbish from their attic by spreading a piece of cloth on the pavement, displaying their goods on it and selling everything for next to nothing.
  • Amsterdam is a mad house. Boats everywhere, sing-a-songs everywhere and people coming up with bright new ideas to entertain the crowd and earn an extra buck. View Post

A lime sweater creates lots of combinations

On one of those rare sunny days in a cold and snowy spring…… I walk through town feeling very happy and content with the world. That mood makes me do reckless things like visiting the Pauw shop
I KNOW I should not go into that shop as my resistance is so low.
I KNOW I love and hate their collections for reasons I have explained in my orange safari jacket post.
I KNOW I have already spent too much money.
I KNOW I have more than enough spring/summer clothes. Much more than winter clothes (yes, I can hear you think… “good heavens”). Which is ridiculous as in The Netherlands wintertime lasts a lot longer than summertime.

What can I say? I just have no discipline when it comes to clothes. Or jewellery, or bags, or shoes….. really anything that has to do with adorning myself. In other areas I am very, very disciplined.

But have a look at the website of Pauw and see (part of) their collection. It is a miracle that I left the shop having only bought a sweater, belt and a little scarf.
At home I tried to work the scarf and belt. Easy wouldn’t you say? It wasn’t. Had to go back for explanations. They have nifty ways to make these accessories look their best.

Photographs were made by my niece, who is a professional photographer. She is teaching me and was showing me the effects of different settings, light and colours that you are wearing.

Above: with the new scarf and white trousers.
Below: with the new scarf and black pencil skirt.
Below: the striped skirt proved to be a challenge with this sweater (no scarf) as the front of the sweater went up a bit and does not follow the horizontal lines of the skirt.


Below: with a polka dot scarf and a white skirt.

And of course, with my black skinnies.

Below: indoors I could take my sunglasses off. (Showing my new bag as well.)

Below: this last photo is just to get you laughing.
I bet you laughed… Good!

Long Acne tunic with lots of scarfs and necklaces

Trying to get my photos a bit more interesting and of better quality, I am moving out of my garden and into the neighbourhood.
This day the weather was bright, sunny… and cold. I looked at my photography notes to see how the camera had to be set when I was wearing something light under these circumstances. It paid off to take notes AND consult them, as bingo… these photos were not half bad.

The tunic is by Acne, a brand from Stockholm in Sweden. I love the boxy look and I can make so many combinations with it. It is like a blanc canvas. The black 7/8 trousers are by Airfield.

Photographing in a street where you are unknown is funny. I can tell you that all the people who were passing, were very curious. You could see them think: “What is this woman doing there?”, “Why?” (a question I frequently asked myself). When I was so frozen my hands could not operate the remote, I packed it in.






      Above and below, the same necklaces and bracelet (orange and black), but different top and trousers.

OK, two more, just for fun.

I love this tunic. And I love these trousers.

PS  if you want to see many other 40+ bloggers, scroll down at Visible Monday on
Not dead yet style

Brown long jacket, skinny jeans and leopard print belt

Sorry guys, although the sun began to shine in The Netherlands, you are going to watch another winter outfit today. I totally forgot these photos and it seems such a shame not to publish them. (Mostly because “a shoot” is hard work for me haha.)

I am wearing a leopard print belt with my brown jacket. Tuesday I told you that it took me a long time before I found a belt like this (at etsy.com).  The other belt you can see in my article two days ago and in the article of Sylvia (40+Style) and me shopping in Amsterdam. We were shopping at the “9 Streets”, a famous area for fun shopping in Amsterdam.

Back to my brown jacket from Pauw, which you have seen in December (brown jacket, cream skinny, cognac boots). Again I was so daring to combine brown (jacket) with black (boots). Yes, yes, I am getting this chip off my shoulder.
An alternative for the boots are my python shoes.

Hope you like it.



Underneath the jacket I am wearing a cream top in exactly the same colour as the belt. Coincidence.



Below: with the python shoes.







Did you see I turned up the sleeves?

Yellow boyfriend jeans with jacket or sweater

These photos were taken on that one day when a) it was my day off, b) it was a sunny day and c) there was hardly any wind. Ideal for photography.
As you might know, a previous glorious day resulted in the aqcuisition of my pink neon top and B&W pencil skirt. That same day I also bought my striped sweater and the yellow boyfriend jeans which you will see today.

I love the combination of yellow with black (my husband hates it). And I copied the belt from Sylvia, who showed us different mixing and matching on 40+Style.
Took me ages and frustration before I found a good belt. Fortunately my friend Anja helped me with a link to etsy.com. I can completely lose myself in that site. You really have to filter. If you just search for “belt” you get 103.000 items. Bought two animal print belts, one for lower on the hip and one for around my waist. Did not cost me much, 25 dollars each which is even less in euros. My Dutch nature was very pleased.

Now I am still searching for the black and white belt that Sylvia is wearing in the same article of mixing and matching. Cannot find a similar thing. Rats…
And no, I do not mind copying somebody. I work in advertising where we say: better to copy a good thing than to invent a bad one (literally translated).

Those sunglasses are lovely…… they hide a lot of wrinkles.
The top was in my closet together with lots and lots of other colours.


Sitting in the window ledge across the street.


The same boyfriend jeans with the striped sweater and……
my yellow necklace, which I bought in Rome.
I wish I had bought a green and red one too.
Such an easy piece to brighten up any outfit.
Anyone going to Rome in the forseeable future?



Incorporating the modern style: one side of your sweater tucked in.


I am very pleased with these photos and these outfits.