Summer vest with leaves

Leaf vest Pauw 1
It is so true that you can only really see what your outfit is like AFTER YOU HAVE TAKEN A PHOTO.
This time it not only showed me that the bag was too matchy/matchy (= not good in most cases… as in this case). It also showed me that the colour of the bag is far too severe with this white skirt. That did not show in the mirror. View Post

Checked blouse and mint green booties

Checked blouse and mint green booties 1The facts that the colours were so vivid and that the blouse closed properly over my bosom spoke greatly in its favour. Coming home I remembered I bought some mint green booties a month ago in the sale for next to nothing. Don’t they make a good combination?  View Post

Anchor blouse with blue 7/8 trousers

Anchor blouse with blue trousers 2
This blouse was a real lucky find. You have seen it before with my black and white striped pencil skirt. But I actually bought it to wear in leasure time looking nice and still being comfortable. This blouse achieves that. View Post

Max Mara trousers with a vertical stripe

Max Mara stripe trousers with black top 5
Well fooks…. here we are again. Me and the dog. And the weeds. It is getting embarrasing. 
In my defense, I have been doing a lot of overtime each day for the past 3 or 4 weeks, even on my day off.
Doing the weeds by hand, proved to be rather a task and I have given in to a weed killer. But… that is not as easy as you might think. It has to be the right weather: not too sunny or too hot, no wind and… no rain to be expected for 24 hours. I mean, this is The Netherlands for Pete’s sake. No such weather so far. View Post

Yellow summer dress

Yellow summer dress 1
Two years ago I accompanied Ron (my husband) on a business daytrip to Antwerp and he insisted on buying this dress and cardigan for me. They are by  Xandres, a Belgian brand. He thougt it would look tough combined with red boots, which he also donated although I could not find the right pair. I found short ones (too short) and long ones (too long) and needed mid calf length. View Post