Amsterdam Kings day 2014

Kings day 2014 (84)_LRIt has been a while since we went to Amsterdam to celebrate Queens day or rather Kings day, since the succession of Willem Alexander last year. Today we (my husband Ron and I) wanted to give you an impression of Amsterdam Kings day 2014. For anybody who is not Dutch.. customs are:

1) try and sell any rubish you have lying around in the attic, by spreading it on the pavement in a busy street.

2) try to earn some money in whatever way possible.

3) always wear something orange, the weirder the better. As our king is Willem Alexander van Oranje (=orange).

Right. We have established this. Of course I went for fashionably orange. Hey… I have a duty to fulfil. I will leave “weird” to others. Plenty of that about as you will see. View Post


Shoes exhibition (22)Yes shoes…. lots and lots of them at the Shoe Exhibition in the Kunsthal, Rotterdam (runs until May 11 2014).It was a terrific exhibition, very well done. Beautiful shoes, art shoes, naughty shoes. So, so many. From ancient days to today, nicely arranged with numbers next to them, allowing you to look up the year they were produced and who designed them. With most shoes I will add the brand and the year. The first one at the top of this post is from 2011 by Andreia Chaves. It is called “Naked Version”. The inside shoe is leather and the black is 3D (print) nylon. View Post

Silk tunic blouse

Silk tunic blouse and brown boots Jan Jansen 2aThese photos were done by me in the garden (again) as I did not have a photographer available. The start of the outfit were the boots…. a steal at 20% of their original price at the end of the winter sale. Made by Jan Jansen. This Dutch shoe designer is famous all over the world. To me his shoes have a touch of magic, somewhat fairy-like. I combined these boots with cream trousers and a green silk tunic blouse to emphasize the boots. View Post

Cream sweater

Green skinnies cream sweater 5Oh gosh … this is going to be such a boring post…. Again… me in skinnies, again the coated skinnies which you have seen a thousand times before (here, here, here and here…. I rest my case). Maybe I can turn it into a good thing and say “they are very versatile”? Agreed? This time I am wearing them with a cream sweater. Brand name: Marc by Marc Jacobs and a present from my husband. He even picked it from the clothes rack.  View Post