Blue cardigan jacket and my BVA friends

Blue cardigan jacketRight.. 2018.. first blogpost. Back to normal. I wore this blue cardigan jacket with the striped leggings when visiting Marianna. She is one of the members of the BVA friends group which you have seen many times. Marianna decided to move to the east of the country, which is a two hours drive. As we Dutch are used to everything and everybody being very nearby, a two hours drive means very far away. It is worse for her as she will have to drive the distance 5 times when the others are host of the day. Nice thing for her is that she has family and friends living near.

Let’s start by introducing my friends once more. Unfortunately I have no pictures of Marianna as she did not want that. And I have to respect that, right?

Below: Marijke in a grey trouser ensemble. Only she can pull this off. Such a good photo of her. I was very pleased with it.


Below: Claudia. Her necklace was nicely bookending her boots. Wait till you see her tights!


Below: Close-up of Claudia’s tights and boots. NICE.

Below: Jilske. Good shot.


Below: Marianne. Always fashionable, always looking fantastic. Her MS disease and wheelchair don’t stop her from looking fabulous. Hats off to her.


Now that you are re-aquainted with my girlfriends, let me tell you about our day in the east of the country. The weather gods were kind to us. It was supposed to be icey but for us the sun came out. We always have coffee and cakes when we arrive at 11 o’clock. The host (in this case Marianna) provides food all day.

Below: Marianne’s new kitchen is spacious and sunny and the cakes were very fresh and yummy, yay.

Marijke and Claudia

Below: View from Marianna’s window and garden at the back of the house. Not bad, right? This is not her garden. That is the beauty of it. It is their view without having to maintain it. Ideal.

Below: Jilske posing for me.


Below: We did another one without the wrap.


Below: The suit is grey. Really. My photo makes it look blue.


Below: Details: the blue boots Marijke found. Remember she was looking for blue boots in this previous post?

Below: Marianne, snuggling in her pockets.


Below: Details of Marianne’s silver bag and shoes. The bag was not quite what she was looking for, so I said that if she found the right one, I would buy this one from her.

Below: Details of the snuggle sweater.

Below: OK, my turn. Claudia is operating the camera.

Blue cardigan jacket is by Anna Blue (Anna van Toor), the leggings with silver side stripe are by Sylver. Sorry dear overseas readers. All Dutch brands.

Blue cardigan jacket

Below: The leggings are slightly pinstriped. The silver shoes are by Dune (last year’s).

Blue cardigan jacket

Below: The bag. Ah… the bag. I got it as a present from Marianne that very morning. She has all sort of excuses why she thinks it is necessary to give me presents. Really none of them are valid in my eyes. But it is so sweet and I love this fuchsia mini bag. Doesn’t it look great with my outfit? Brand: Alain Manoukian.

Below: Ahhh…..No Kidding???!! No idea what Claudia was showing me on her smartphone.

Blue cardigan jacket

Right! Marianne provided lunch and we were ready to go and explore the small town shops in the rural east. Our expectations were low. Biased city girls.

We had to admit our biased thoughts were wrong. There were lovely shops with excellent staff in the east of the country.

Below: Jilske bought this top. Needs a bit of ironing. Not Jilske’s favourite job.


Below: Marianne and Marijke goofing around with the faux fur hats.

Marianne and Marijke

Below: Marianne looks very chic with this hat. She bought it. The scarf stayed in the shop as she already has a similar one at home. She looks as if she is playing in a movie.


Below: No, Marijke didn’t buy this.


Below: No, she didn’t buy this either. It was itching.


Below: And no, she didn’t buy this. Too similar to what she had on.


Below: OK, she did buy this set: leggings and dress. She could wear it with the suit she already had. I tried this set on as well, in another size. Whaha, it looked like shxt on me. Couldn’t get it off fast enough.


Below: Yay, another one caught with her trousers down.


Below:  This had us in stitches. Claudia tried on Jilske’s (own) coat to see how it would look on her. The sales assistent wasn’t aware of that and started praising the coat (nice and warm, pockets, slits each side, handy for cycling etc.) When Claudia took it off, the assistent said: “Oh just give it to me, I will hang it back for you”. When I revealed the truth, she was a very good sport and laughed with us.


Below: No, Jilske didn’t buy this one, but a very similar one at a lower price.


Below: She asked for it…. don’t get near my camera looking like a dork, or you will be on my blog hahaha.


Below: I was tempted to buy this leather flower (not too expensive, my budget curfew would allow it), but decided it wasn’t abstract enough.

How about that? Shopping with girlfriends and not buying anything. Which is a bit of a lie. I bought that horrible Christmas sweater for €8 you saw last week. And the black turtleneck sweater you saw last week as well. Reduced to €15. Oh and a grey turtleneck for €5. Total damage: €28. You can hardly have lunch for that. It is tough though, not buying nice things anymore. I feel like a junky who needs a fix. Which is why I now frequent the second hand shops. So far I have been lucky twice. Four more months to go. Yes… it is that bad.


No Fear of Fashion




  1. 7 January 2018 / 16:39

    I love getting together with your friends, Greetje!! I feel like I’m almost there with you!!
    And you can tell that you are all so supportive of each other—that’s exactly how friends should be.
    I’m an impulse shopper just like you, and I was hoping to take a shopping break one of these days….ugh. But it’s my drug of choice, and I doubt I’ll give it up!! LOL!

    • Greetje
      7 January 2018 / 17:14

      I am the same as you Jodie. Only I have taken it a bit too far and really need to stop for a couple of months now. I overspent so badly.
      You are always so quick to comment on a new post of mine. That really flatters me. Thank you.

  2. Barbara Doig
    7 January 2018 / 19:17

    What a fabulous post. i can imagine having a great time with each of your friends, and admiring their individual choices of clothes and accessories. Really interesting and enjoyable combinations of style and practicality.

    • Greetje
      7 January 2018 / 20:01

      Yes, we Dutch are very practical 😂. It always surprises me how we keep listening to each other’s advice, when we clearly have such different styles of dressing. I suppose it is another way of saying I love you.

  3. 7 January 2018 / 19:24

    In which town, our village, did you shop? I live in the east too! Must be fantastic to have such a warm group of friends!

    • Greetje
      7 January 2018 / 20:03

      We shopped in Lochem, which I think is even further east than where you live. Pretty town. And yes it is really nice to have these women as my friends. I am very lucky with all my friends and I love each and everyone.

  4. Ann
    7 January 2018 / 19:37

    Always enjoy the post of your girlfriend get togethers…so fun 😄. My gf and I try to get together for breakfast (sometime last through lunch) on fridays, but from the looks of things I think we need to step it up a bit! Hahah! Marianne’s kitchen looks so sunny and inviting and I love her wood floors!

    • Greetje
      7 January 2018 / 20:04

      Yes, aren’t her wooden floors smashing? I was impressed as well. Before you step up your Friday breakfasts…. we only do this every two or three months.

    • Greetje
      8 January 2018 / 19:45

      I love golden and silver shoes and boots. They always lift an outfit.

  5. 7 January 2018 / 20:23

    YOU GALS have SO MUCH FUN!I LOVE THAT YOU MEET UP and DRIVE and drink coffee and SHOP!Who drove home ?I would be exhausted!
    I was going to mention YOU cannot BUY the silver BAG as YOU are on NO SPENDING MODE!
    Tell Your FRIENDS to POP over to MY BLOG and see where I have been…….YOU may ALL NEED THE PAGLAMAS!!!!!!!!!I WILL MAIL TO YOU!!!!!!

    • Greetje
      8 January 2018 / 19:47

      We all drive home, but in this particular case Marijke drove Marianne and me. Which was very nice. My friends are not very much into blogs, so I don’t know whether they would pop over haha. But do mail me.

  6. Pondside
    7 January 2018 / 21:57

    That looks like it was a lot of fun. Good friends are priceless!

    • Greetje
      8 January 2018 / 19:48

      Oh you are so right. They are indeed priceless and I treasure each and everyone of them.

  7. 7 January 2018 / 22:35

    You have such a stylish group of friends! I think the silver bag would be a good addition to your wardrobe.

    • Greetje
      8 January 2018 / 19:53

      Elizabeth (La Contessa) just reminded me that I have a four months curfew on spending, so I cannot buy the silver bag. But perhaps I am lucky and it takes her to May before she finds her preferred silver bag??

  8. Wendy in York
    7 January 2018 / 22:40

    I feel like I’ve had a nice day out ! Puzzled that some of these nice clothes are so creased though – those shop girls should get the steamers out 🙂

    • Greetje
      8 January 2018 / 19:53

      Oh I so agree with you on the steamers and the shop girls. Although they were very nice and helpful.

  9. 7 January 2018 / 22:54

    What a fun post! I love going on your adventures! I agree that the flower isn’t abstract and arty enough for you; I’m glad you left that. Your outfit is fab, and I am rooting for you to get Marianne’s silver bag if she gets one more to her liking! That is a beauty, and I adore her shoes too. You got some beautiful light-filled and life-filled photos of your friends; your love for them shows. How are you going to survive four months of no spending? HOW??? And if I come to visit, will you make an exception? 🙂 xxx

    • Greetje
      8 January 2018 / 19:56

      They only thing I take away from your comment is this question: is she planning to visit me in the next 4 months???? Are you?

  10. 8 January 2018 / 08:59

    What a beautiful jacket, I love stamping! Although pants are not my favorite, they fit very well with this set. I like the color detail in your bag and I also like your shoes in this look. A wonderful group of mature, elegant and beautiful women, I love Marijke’s style.

    • Greetje
      8 January 2018 / 20:01

      Thank you dear friend. I love my friends. And Marijke has a beautiful figure. What do you mean with “stamping”? Do you mean the print?

  11. 8 January 2018 / 09:03

    I feel like I’m really getting to know your friends now, Greetje. What an amazingly stylish bunch of women; you must turn lots of heads when you go out together, not just for looks but also for the laughter. There’s nothing like laughter to make friends and bring on smiles. I laughed about the coat mixup. I can’t believe you are seriously on a budget! It must be really bad! Hahaha. Hang in there. xox

    • Greetje
      8 January 2018 / 20:36

      Yes, it is really bad haha. But I’ve made my bed, now I must lie in it. Simple. And yes, you are right, we do not enter a shop or café without being noticed. Only WE don’t notice this as we are so busy yapping haha.

  12. 8 January 2018 / 10:44

    Marijke’s outfit is like a posh tracksuit which is perfect for me! Her boots give it just enough lift to elongate the block of colour, also my ideal. I love her style!
    Your friends are all lovely Greetje, thanks for sharing. Oh & the brown leather flower is a no from me too 😉

    • Greetje
      8 January 2018 / 20:40

      Both you and Lisa disapprove of the brown leather flower, so I did good. All my friends have different styles, but we also have things in common. Such a pity that posh tracksuit looked ridiculous on me. Oh no.. I didn’t have any money, that’s right.

  13. Dorothy
    8 January 2018 / 12:32

    Thank you so much for inviting us to coffee, lunch, and shopping with your friends! What a fashion treat!

    • Greetje
      8 January 2018 / 20:40

      It is my pleasure entirely Dorothy. Thanks for your comment.

  14. 8 January 2018 / 15:20

    I’m damn pumped that you are now visiting the secondhand shops! Think of how great that is for the environment, not to mention your pocketbook.

    Looks like another very fun day with your girlfriends. Every time I see these posts I wish my friends didn’t live over 4,500 km from me. Far more than a mere 2 hour drive.

    That leather flower was so unique! I would have snapped that one up. Good on you for keeping your purse shut. Those kind of trips would make the temptation unbearable for most.


    • Greetje
      8 January 2018 / 20:43

      Ah but the second hand shops are nowhere nearly as good as the ones in your neck of the woods. I know you are deprived of girlfriends near you and I wish you could live next to me and Anja. There are houses for sale in our street haha.
      I really liked the leather flower, but I want more abstract broches. That is more me.
      On the purse shut-side of things. I am pretty proud of myself.

  15. 8 January 2018 / 15:52

    Hello Greetje. Dutch design for you this week and you look very good in it. I adore your pink little bag. So sweet of your friend to always find a reason to spoil you. Just enjoy it I’d say. Love, Lieske

    • Greetje
      8 January 2018 / 20:45

      Marianne doesn’t take no for an answer and I don’t want to hurt her feelings. And… I will admit, she always gives me such nice presents, that I cannot give them back either, haha.

  16. 8 January 2018 / 21:01

    Love all the photos you all look so much fun and you are all very photogenic, although I have to say you have absolute killer legs – and those silver shoes, ohhh!

    • Greetje
      10 January 2018 / 12:48

      Thank you Juliet. Of course I left out all photos where we look less photogenic haha. That is the tric, just shoot enough pictures. We have been friends for over 20 years and we still have a lot to talk about. Yap yap yap… 😊
      I have a lot of doubts about many body parts, but indeed my legs are great. Which is why I like to put the emphasis on them. Figures, right?

  17. 9 January 2018 / 02:40

    Such a fun blog post with you and your friends all looking so she can wear in such beautiful outfits. I love what you’re wearing and saw it on Instagram and was immediately impressed. I also love the sweater with the cozy fur pockets and the silver brogues.
    This does look a little bit like a movie set with friends out shopping and enjoying their day. I enjoyed it!
    And I will admit that I’m a little bit regretful that you didn’t buy that lovely bracelet with the brown leather flower. But you do have so many beautiful things to wear.

    • Greetje
      10 January 2018 / 12:50

      Oh yes Elle, I have indeed many beautiful things to wear, no problem. I felt vry flattered that you compare my blogpost with a movie set. Well… a litlle bit like a movie set. 😘

  18. Marilee Gramith
    9 January 2018 / 04:48

    Your outfit is really sharp Greetje. It shows off your great figure beautifully. The little stripes at the neck and sleeves are a unique finish to the print. I love the stripe down the pant leg as well. This is a seriously classy and sporty look.
    Seeing you in the coziness of your friendship with these women makes me really miss all of the special women friends I left behind when we moved in October. Yes, they’re still my friends but the 9 hour drive between us has an impact on how much I’ll see them in the future.
    Maybe 4 months of not spending money on fashion will reveal wonderful parts of being you that you’ve not yet discovered? Perhaps approaching it as positive learning experience will bring growth. I’m wishing you well on your “frugal journey” Greetje!

    • Greetje
      10 January 2018 / 12:54

      I made my bed, now I must lie in it. It is as simple as that. Approaching it as a way to be more creativeis a good solution. I will tellmy mind to think like this 😊.
      You missing your friends… yes that is the hardest part of moving. I hope you make new ones soon.

  19. 10 January 2018 / 01:59

    I am starting to feel like I know your friends a little, and recognize them in your posts. You are such a stylish group of women. I am looking for a coat like Jilske’s that is long, with a hood and very warm – we have had so much snow here, and very cold temperatures!

    It is hard not to buy some new things here and there, but I try to stick to secondhand shopping for most of my clothes, and then splurge on a couple of new, expensive pieces now and then.

  20. Gayle
    10 January 2018 / 23:39

    I was catching up on your blogs covering December and your first January, 2018 entry. Your entries teach me how to age with style, grace and humor.

    I too have friends who share the joy of eating, drinking and shopping, in ever rotating priority. May your new year be filled with moments shared with those you love.

    Please share with me how you can stop the mad spending. I get in trouble over the holidays, spring, summer, fall ………..

    • Greetje
      11 January 2018 / 15:20

      I am the last person to ask how you could stop the mad spending. My first step was to confess to myself that I am addicted. Not that I have ever been in real (financial) trouble, but the definition of addiction is: you have resolved that you are not going to buy “xxxxx”, then you go into town, you see “xxxx” and you give in and buy it. Then you get home and you feel guilty.
      That definition is very applicable on me and my clothes spending. So.. first step is admitting. Then you must feel the need to do something about that. And then the hard work starts. You know the drill I am sure.
      Set yourself a budget and stick to it. I now setting myself a budget of € 20 per week and I go to second hand stores. When I have paid back everything to my saving account and I have a fair amount of money again, I have to keep budgetting and stick to it, but it can be more than € 20. Also assessing what you really “need” in your wardrobe. Because if it is a coat I need, I might have to save my self installed budget for a longer period. It is all down to discipline. I have a lot of discipline, just not in this area haha.

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