Monochrome grey

Monochrome greyIt is very rare for me to wear anything monochrome. It is also rare for me to wear grey. And yet, here I am, wearing monochrome grey. When I saw this opening photo, I could only think “Oh good heavens, the “girls” are definitely taking centre stage. Chances are, I won’t be wearing this outfit much. I had taken iPhone photos which were apparently not that good or I would have seen this. On the other hand, they are there, why hide them? Or should the answer be: ‘buy turtlenecks that fit better”?

Update on the knee

The knee is finally getting better. Still a long way away from wearing high heels or even walking more than half a mile on a stretch, but definitely getting better. I now also know what was causing the inflammation. My support soles. Yes indeed. I am so happy for having put two and two together. A colleague of mine told me she was already scheduled for a back operation when, by chance, she found out that support soles were the solution. No operation necessary. With that story in mind, I thought back on what I had been wearing, what I was doing and not doing when the first pain started. Outcome: I had been walking on flat shoes with support soles for a longer time than usual. The day I got the first real pain I walked on high heeled boots, the only ones with support soles.

Got it checked by a podiatrist and bingo: the soles caused a completely wrong posture. My orthopedist would never have found this. He is a specialist and looks at the knee, the symptoms and the photos, not the human being as a whole. So I could have been operated and been messed about in my knee. All of it would have made things worse without finding any solution. So glad I kept using my common sense. On my way to full recovery now.

An afternoon with my friend Marjolein

You have seen Marjolein a couple of times, last time in this post about Urban Farmers. She came over to keep me company and to try on some of my Eijk boots. As I had been raving about them and she wanted to feel what they were like. I think Eijk has another fan.

For lunch we chose to go to a nearby restaurant called Loetje, which is famous for their steaks. For lunch we had club sandwich and salad though. The weather was rather grey, with rain threat and I knew they have a porch which is handy if you want to take blog pictures. We could also park the car right in front. A must when you can hardly walk.

Below: Loetje is modern but still cosy. At dinner time it is packed. Loetje himself, father of the owner, had a pub, which he extended and he started to sell steak, french fries and salad. He became famous for it and his son has opened 14 restaurants with this concept and never changed a thing about the recipe. You can even find the recipe on their site so what is the big deal? No idea but they are very successful. You can read about Loetje here.

Loetje Overveen

Loetje Overveen

Below: Blog photos on the porch after lunch. Marjolein wore a green leather jacket, blue trousers and a floral top.


Below: “Walk towards me and I will take a head to toe shot.”


Below: I totally fell in love with Marjolein’s top, even though florals aren’t my thing. The straps of her tank top worked very well with it. I shamelessly copied her and now own this top as well but wear it longer. We have been friends for 42 years and live in different cities. We don’t have issues with these things. I love our friendship and I know she does too.


Below: “My boots! You didn’t get my boots in the photo!” Marjolein is a danser and very lithe (learned that word from Nikki – Midlife Chic).


Below: I know I shouldn’t be talking while my picture is being taken but never seem to learn. The grey kimono coat fits the monochrome grey theme. It also works very well with the wide khaki trousers of last week. Much better than the python coat I wore then. White rubber bag is by Obag and the mini bag is by Zara (sorry Michelle Tyler). The gloves are from Paris, bought in the same shop as The Paris Necklace, so bloody expensive. Fortunately also bloody good.

Monochrome grey

Below: The girls are less obvious in this picture. The turtle neck was really cheap and the trousers were second hand from Vintage Curators. Never been worn. White sneakers by Ecco.

Monochrome grey

Below: Probably looked the booby way because I stood tall. It is good for my posture…

You see that the trousers are tapered and ankle grazing. They seem to be the rage but I need to get used to them.

Monochrome grey

Below: Close-up of the pearls. Bought the necklace at a house sale from a friend of a friend. You can wear them long, medium and short. The earrings were given by my father to my mother in the sixties. I had them adjusted to fit my earlobes.

Monochrome grey

Below: Goofing around at the climbing tree for kids. Don’t for a minute think I did anything else than carefully placing my foot on the branche.

Monochrome grey

Till next week.


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  1. 22 April 2018 / 18:06

    The gloves look great! I think the yellow belt and bag are great additions. Your coloring is warmer, so those tie in well.

    • Greetje
      22 April 2018 / 20:58

      It surprised me that yellow stll suits me although I gave gone from being a brunette to a blond. But the yellow I am using in this outfit isn’t near my face. The pearls soften the grey a bit.

  2. 22 April 2018 / 18:07

    Oh, and I’m glad to hear you got to the cause of your knee problem and are on the mend.

    • Greetje
      22 April 2018 / 20:59

      Not too big a progress yet though… she said impatiently.

  3. jodie filogomo
    22 April 2018 / 18:29

    You never cease to make me giggle, Greetje!! And at first I thought you were wearing a grey jumpsuit—I’m wearing one today and thought we were twins!! I’ll show you on my IG stories!!! I almost added a belt to mine, but I went with a long necklace instead!! But still…you could almost call us twinsies!!!

    • Greetje
      22 April 2018 / 21:00

      How did I make you giggle? Oh because we were nearly twinsies haha. Doesn’t matter how, as long as you laughed, smiled or giggled.

    • Greetje
      22 April 2018 / 21:01

      A jumpsuit looks really aweful on me. Unfortunately as I think it is a neat piece of clothing. These two garments just happen to be nearly exactly the same colour grey.
      I am glad the knee is on the mend too but it takes forever. I am still in pain and I am such an impatient person.

  4. Claudia
    22 April 2018 / 19:59


    • Greetje
      22 April 2018 / 21:02

      Yep… who would have thought.

  5. Sheila (of Ephemera)
    22 April 2018 / 20:11

    I also thought this was a a jumpsuit at first (good matching on the greys!). I don’t think you’re too booby in this, Greetje – hey, if you’ve got ’em, you don’t have much choice, ha ha! I would probably wear this turtleneck (although I hate them, personally, on me) as a layering piece instead of on its own. That is great news about your knee – good for you figuring out what the issue was! I love your pearl rope and the earrings match so nicely.

    • Greetje
      22 April 2018 / 21:05

      Yes, I normally don’t wear a turtleneck on its own either. And like you I actually never wear a turtleneck. Just so happened … this outfit. I have tried other combinations, but they all involve high heels. And the knee might be on the mend, I am still a long, long way from wearing high heels again. Hate that.
      The pearl rope was a piece of jewellery that you buy because the vendor is there at your office and you are together with your colleagues. I never thought I would use it much and it turned out a terrific necklace which I use a lot. Only 10 euros (that is cheap).

  6. Pauline
    22 April 2018 / 20:31

    The grey looks very nice on you, there is a grey called lizard grey that is for warmer toned people ( havn’t found it yet) You look very lithe as if you might climb the tree.

    • Greetje
      22 April 2018 / 21:08

      I looked it up.. lizard grey… lovely colour. I would call it green, but it is indeed a grey green. Would suit me nicely. Green, all sort of green clothes are very hard to find. Retailers seem to think they won’t sell that colour. They are scared of red as well. So you wind up with stores full of grey, black and white. Boring. (She said after showing a monochrome grey outfit haha.) And lithe.. hmm looks can be very deceiving Pauline.

  7. Marjolein
    22 April 2018 / 21:03

    As always I enjoy spending the day out with you. Did you noticed that the ashtray on the table has the same stripes as my top?

    • Greetje
      22 April 2018 / 21:10

      Likewise my dear. Hadn’t noticed the ahstray yet, but I remember now that I have a bracelet with stripes which I compared with that same ashtray haha.

  8. 23 April 2018 / 02:00

    I kind of love this outfit. I think it shows off your great figure. That’s what it is…a great figure! Hello!!!

    I love grey and yellow together and I’m really digging that Zara bag.

    Great to see you shopping secondhand too!

    I’m delighted you figured out your knee problem too. That was clever of you.


    • Greetje
      23 April 2018 / 08:15

      I was rather pleased with myself for solving the knee problem, I will admit. Zara is totally off limits I was made understood (fast fashion), but this is a sin from last year. It isn’t easy to comply with everybody’s view on what is right and what is wrong. So I will just decide for myself what is right for me. Wearing Ally’s red sweater today. From the clothes swap in the Vancouver hotelroom.

  9. April Blizzard
    23 April 2018 / 07:22

    You and you friend look great. I love the gray and pearls.

    • Greetje
      23 April 2018 / 08:17

      Thank you April. My friend Marjolein is just as keen on clothes as I am. We used to swap a lot when we were in our twenties.

  10. 23 April 2018 / 11:26

    I have to say for a grey outfit, this is pretty fantastic! I love yellow and grey together; all colours of yellow and all colours of grey… it just works. Like you, I have to be careful with yellow having blonde hair. It is such a cheerful colour though, and works brilliantly with what you’re wearing. If your knee were better, you could have even borrowed Marjolein’s fabulous yellow boots to put with all of your grey!

    What a relief that you have sorted out your knee problems without having to go through surgery. Well done, just in time for a London summer visit!

    • Greetje
      24 April 2018 / 17:48

      Hang on, I am not there yet. Still cannot walk very far without limping or feeling pain. But it is really improving now. So glad. I try to cycle twice a day (15 minutes each time) or at least once a day. That is really good for the knee. I am having high hopes of full recovery at least before August. Don’t dare to hope for any time sooner, although that would be very welcome.

  11. Nancy
    23 April 2018 / 12:16

    I have to say that I am not a ‘heel’ girl and love your outfits with the flats! The grey on grey looks great with the yellow and an Obag! We don’t have them in the States but I saw them in Italy and was not happy that I caught the train and did not buy a bag!

  12. Karen
    23 April 2018 / 13:15

    Hi Greetje, great post as usual….I look forward to them so much now I have discovered you !
    Well, I like grey and used to wear it lots, mainly grey tops…..I have been moving onto other colours over the last few years. You looked lovely in those photos and I could tell you were both having a good time, I liked the outfit Marjolein was wearing and can’t blame you for buying that top too -its beautiful ( liked the leather jacket also !!)
    So happy to hear about your knee, there is much said about insoles being the way to go- but guess there are many types. I wear quite flat footwear and find some brands have little support for the arch of your foot and I feel better with an arch support. Your knee though is a different thing altogether and its brilliant that you found a solution.

    • Greetje
      24 April 2018 / 17:56

      The inflammation isn’t over yet but at least I am not aggravating it any longer by wearing the wrong support soles. I have flat feet and they do need support soles, the right ones. They will arrive first of May. I am very glad to hear you like my blog. It is my dear hobby. I love to entertain.

  13. 23 April 2018 / 13:57

    As I said on your Instagram post of this outfit, I adore the grey & acid yellow combo! I wear it often myself. Also I think your girls are sensational, don’t know why you wouldn’t be proud to get them out more often 😉
    The picture of you with your coat really elevates this look to another level of sophistication Greetje, I just adore the blanket wrap style!
    Agree Marjolein’s top is very cool, for me it’s the addition of stripes that make the florals less girly, more funky. If that makes sense?

    • Greetje
      24 April 2018 / 18:02

      I totally agree on the stripes being the factor why the floral top isn’t too girly. As for the “girls”…. hmm I prayed for them since I was 13. Finally got them when I was 34, only to find out they weren’t as desirable as I thought they would be. Be careful what you wish for. They annoy the hell out of me, but they are there and they are healthy. Better not complain about them and count my blessings. By the way, did you giggle when you read my “sorry Michelle” about the Zara bag?

  14. 24 April 2018 / 03:45

    Loving the monochrome look with the pop of yellow. That bag strap is a great detail. I also really like that contemporary pearl necklace. This is a fun look for you. You seem relaxed and happy. I’m very glad that you did not climb that tree! How is your knee, by the way?

    • Greetje
      24 April 2018 / 18:04

      The knee is improving. Finally. I am not halfway there yet, but at least there is improvement. One lives on hope, right? The pearl necklace turned out to be very versatile.

  15. 24 April 2018 / 11:08

    I like gray, I like yellow (although now it is prohibited in Catalonia) and I love the combination of both colors. And it is evident that I like your proposal, so sporty and so informal. The jacket is a cute design. And, as I said in FB, what a figure my friend has!

    • Greetje
      24 April 2018 / 18:10

      Hahaha.. my figure… don’t trust every picture you see. Although I did NOT photoshop it, I did pose in an attractive way. When I read that yellow is prohibited in Catalonia, I googled why. What a load of crap. Excuse my language. If you have to fight a battle in such a way, you know you have already lost.

  16. Marilee Gramith
    25 April 2018 / 06:25

    I’m just THRILLED that you played medical Sherlock Holmes and found the reason for your nagging knee pain! Oh my! The fact that you may have saved yourself from unnecessary knee surgery is a big deal Greetje. It’s weird but when I saw your post come up in my inbox and was hoping for good news in your knee I actually had a thought/ question about whether you had pursued your footwear of insole support as a possible cause. I’m so glad you’re having your own personal orthotic insole made for you!!!
    You look splendid in this grey outfit! I love the sneakers and the little yellow belt is genius! You’re girls are pretty splendid as well Greetje! Your figure is knockout level!!

    • Greetje
      25 April 2018 / 14:33

      It is indeed a good think I kept using my brain to come up with an answer to the questions “why did I get this knee pain”? And “why is not healing?” Now that I do not wear the support soles anymore (and am cycling two times a day) my knee is really getting better. I am seeing the orthopedist tomorrow, only to tell him he was right with his assumption it being inflammation. And to tell him why I was left in the dark by what he and his colleague said. Plus of course, the soles as the cause. I made the appointment three weeks ago (…) and decided to honour it anyway after the knee really improved (only last Monday mind you).
      The grey outfit is not really me and I don’t really want the girls to take centre stage, so I doubt whether I will wear it much like this. But I have other possibilities as well. Don’t be deceived by a good looking picture haha.. my figure has its flaws, I just know very well how to disguise them.

  17. 27 April 2018 / 19:06

    As you know, grey is a very popular colour in my wardrobe! I like the shape of the pants, and I’m sure you could find a top that doesn’t put the “girls” so much front and center 😉 Yellow goes beautifully with grey – I should try to find something in that shade to wear with my summer greys.

    Good for you for finally determining the cause of the knee pain. I have arch support insoles that I put in most of my boots and closed in shoes – I’m curious what kind of support soles were causing the pain?

    • Greetje
      29 April 2018 / 10:05

      The support soles were just the usual ones, made to measure. Leather and (hard) foam. But perhaps not measured well enough? I don’t know whether my posture changed or whether the left sole was wrong for me to start with. I remember that the left sole needed a lot of adjusting. I have been having mild knee problems since 2015. And I think I got the soles in 2010 or 2011. I suppose it is like a drop of water on stone. You don’t notice it, but if the water keeps dripping in that same place, eventually there will be a hole in the stone.
      When you said “grey in summer” you reminded me of a beautiful light grey “Marlene Dietrich” trouser suit by Liz Claiborne I used to own. So sad I burst out of it.

  18. I love this grey ensemble, your figure looks amazing, the ‘girls’ especially haha! Love the pearls with the grey so much. How fab to have a friend of so many years, you look so relaxed together! Glad you are getting your knee pain sorted Geetje xx

    • Greetje
      29 April 2018 / 10:08

      I am not really walking a lot, but being on the mend makes me feel a lot more cheerful. I don’t really have an amazing figure (inverted triangle shape with big boobs presents challenges) but over the years I figured out pretty well what suits me and what not. Still make mistakes but that is also because I don’t travel the safe roadall the time. And a better quality turtleneck might have eased the look.

  19. 29 April 2018 / 22:30

    So glad your knee is doing better and that it was a simple solution. Most often we need to be in charge of our own health and figure things out for ourselves. I love the classic and simple look of a monochrome outfit and what makes yours so perfect are the pops of yellow in your belt and bag. Love your fun photos! – Amy

    • Greetje
      30 April 2018 / 06:50

      Oh thanks Amy. Your comment was the first thing I read this morning. Such a great way to start the day and week.

  20. 30 April 2018 / 22:12

    YOU always have FUN with the OTHER WOMEN……..Now do people STARE at YOU and think WHAT ARE these women doing???

  21. 17 June 2018 / 17:25

    Even though it is grey and I do not find you suited for grey, this look is great for you. Grey or not…you look fantastic in it.

    • Greetje
      17 June 2018 / 18:42

      Honestly? I was not really going to wear it again…. just goes to show.. what do I know?

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