Colour blocking in a tulip fieldDoesn’t this piece of colour blocking burst from the page? I love bright colours, so Kitty and I decided to go to the tulip fields before all the flowers were cut.

Below: Tulips are such lovely flowers and our national pride.

Tulip field

Below: One more because I love them so much. Great shot Kitty.

Field with red tulips

Below: There was a little road running beside a field of tulips and many tourists had discovered that little road. It was busy but I managed to photoshop most of them out of the pictures.
I hadn’t counted on walking through black sand with my cream boots, but they cleaned up well when we got back. It was so bright and sunny that I had to wear sunglasses most of the time.

Colour blocking in a tulip field

Below: Same photo without sunglasses and a far less active pose.

Colour blocking in a tulip field

Below: Outfit details: pink trousers and green belt by Essentiel Antwerp (both 2020), green mini bag from a sale (2019), orange and beige polo from Essentiel Antwerp this year (they also sell them in two other colour combinations). The cream boots are by Eijk Amsterdam.

Colour blocking in a tulip field

Below: I saw an opportunity to sit, although not very comfortable. Beggars can’t be choosers.

Colour blocking in a tulip field

Below: Dark green earrings by Lara Design. (I haven’t heard you complain about me mentioning Lara Design so much, so I’ll continue haha.)
Can you see that the polo has narrow bright pink piping along the collar and the front?

Colour blocking in a tulip field

Below: So beautiful. I have to add two more photos of the field.

Tulip field

Tulip field

Below: Kitty couldn’t resist a selfie.

selfie Kitty

Below: And how about this photo of her!

Kitty in tulip field

Below: We went back and stopped along the way when we saw this portrait created with flowers.

Colour blocking

Below: Close-up of the flowers used for the portrait. Isn’t it incredible that you can create something like this with flowers?

close-up of the flowers used for the portrait

Below: Next to the portrait we found this mosaic bench. Very pretty.

Mosaic bench

We had planned to shoot some more photos at sights with flower sculptures but then my side mirror got broken in the little road incident; remember? After the paper hassle, we just drove home. I am glad to say that indeed the other party was ‘guilty’ and I got my repair money back.

What happened in my life this week

Strange week. No visit to mum as I had seen her the Friday before plus my brother and sister-in-law visited her on Sunday. We, on our part, visited bonus daughter and sun in law in their new house. They gave us birthday presents and we had a little celebration. Ron and SIL planted a lot of ivy and (with consent of the neighbour) weaved it through the lattice fence. That was a lot of hard work. After dinner (lovely burritos), on our way home, we heard that the neighbour didn’t like the ivy after all and she wanted everything removed. She was going to cut everything on her side the next day, which would totally have destroyed the plants. Big upheaval as you can imagine. It sorted itself out as Nicky and Randolf got the plants back into their garden, bought a bark fence and put that against the lattice fence. Such a shame when neighbours are like that. Good or bad neighbours are so important for your living enjoyment.

I saw Marita again and we always have a great afternoon. As she is as interested in clothes as I am, she dresses up for our get-together. This time she wore a black suit (below), bought at kpa.haarlem as we both love the clothes Karlijn sells.


Marijke and I visited Marianne and had coffee with cake in the garden. It was very hot in that garden with no wind and the sun blasting. Below Marian, Marijke and then me.



I am wearing sunglasses from the sixties or seventies. They are not so dark and with my eyesight getting worse and worse (cataract), they are just right. The cataract operations are scheduled for the end of June and the beginning of July. After my holiday with the girls to Spain. (Link to original outfit post.)
I was sitting underneath a purple sunscreen, which made my hair look purple.

Me in Marianne's garden

Marcella came over for the weekly video and we ‘did’ these earrings (below). Easy to wear; they will go with nearly anything.

Earrings by Lara Design

Below: Marcella demonstrating the orange ones.


I wore my green jumper in combination with my cream trousers (link to original post). One of my favourite combinations.

Outfit with green jumper

Wednesday I finally met Tanja for lunch and a bit of shopping, after postponing our date two or three times. She is a former colleague (actually my boss) from my last job and somebody I really like. She has a kind heart.


Below: I wore this that day. (Link to original post with silver pumps.)

green and yellow blouse

Ron and I saw the new movie of Downton Abbey. Love it. It is so well written and so well played with an eye for the smallest details. I can recommend it but I am a big fan of Downton Abbey so I might be biased.

We had our neighbour Monique over for coffee and we invited her to stay for dinner, which was nice. It is a blessing to have neighbours who become friends.

Friday Loes and I were out on a photo shoot. It was lovely weather and the spot I picked is pretty special (and run-down). You will see it next week.
Marcella picked up the cute little bag I bought from Bella, The Citizen Rosebud (see her shop on Etsy: Bloomtown Vintage). It is much nicer in reality than on the photos, but also smaller. Because it is small I want to make it into a crossbody bag and use it as an accessory rather than a bag. Marcella is going to fix loops on the handle so I can put a satin ribbon through it and use that as a crossbody handle.

In the evening Ron and I went to the theatre to see a comedian. We love to laugh and that’s exactly what we did. Strange but nice week.

Below: The weekly video. The gentleman with the orange shirt completes the colourful scene.


No Fear of Fashion


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