Last article on my grey boyfriend jacket

Here are my last combinations with my grey boyfriend jacket. I think these combinations are the nicest. Although… perhaps I can make it even more interesting with my new black modern shoes…..

As Nanne suggested: I am scrunching up the arms of the jacket to make it even more casual.

 HATS !!!

Or with black shoes and my favourite yellow???? No, I think the shoes are not nice with this jacket. And the bag is too sophisticated. But I do like the photo below on the right with my beloved cream booties.

It has been a difficult jacket….

Black trouser suit

This suit is perfect for its comfort and quality. Again a suit by Pauw.
As you can see, it is very classic. Very much for the office (chic and strict), which I find rather limited.

In order to modernise it, I added the patent leather shoes. I had this suit in mind when I “bought” them.
And to brighten it up I chose colourful T-shirts and a playful scarf.
It still remains a very classic suit. What can you expect when you add pearls and a scarf (duh…). Never mind, sometimes I feel like classic. At least it is a suit that gives me a good figure and the shoes give it a modern twist.

As you can see I managed to make several combinations even though they are much alike:

  • with a red and white shirt
  • with a red and white shirt and a black and white scarf
  • with a black and white scarf and pearls
  • with an orange T-shirt and pearls 

I start with my favourite: red and white shirt, black and white scarf and dog.

The colours of some photos are a bit peculiar. I am still learning.

Below: without the scarf.

With only the scarf and pearls:

With the orange T-shirt and lots of pearls:

Lots of photos, much the same but also differing. Have you got a favourite?

Multicoloured dress

It is a bit risky posting outfits which I have already uploaded to the Style Forum of 40plusstyle
Because I can see that quite a few visitors of that site are visiting my blog too. So perhaps you have seen them already. On the other hand……it is a bit conceited to think everybody always paid attention to my uploads.

This multicoloured dress is one of my many favourites as I think it makes me look good both figurewise and colourwise. The only thing wrong with it, is the fact that the pattern does not run all the way round. If you have good quality stuff you can hardly see there is a seam at the side. This dress could be sold at a low price because they skimped on the material. If you don’t pay attention to the pattern running through, you can get more dresses out of the same amount of material.

You can see it was the end of summer, probably September, as the leaves were still on the hydrangea.

How about my green shoes? I was quite proud that I remembered them, hidden away at the back of my closet.

Photo above: the cat dropped from the tree onto a bush (nearly in the pond). It made such a noise that both the dog and I were startled, as you can see.


3 coloured high heeled booties and purple jacket

Together with the black patent leather shoes my husband gave me these three-coloured booties. They are sky-high and are very easy to walk on. Surprise, surprise.

I have combined them with a purple (hard to see, but it is really very purple) velvet jacket (from Pauw), jeans, a sweater from H&M and coloured tights.

At the beginning I was quite pleased with myself for coming up with such a daring combination. My husband liked it, a good friend of mine liked it…… still I am not so sure.
It feels a bit like a circus outfit. Which gave my husband the idea for the last two pictures:
the magician (or the ringmaster) works her magic and a pink cat appears from the top hat.

 Below: the magician joke:

Tell me… too much? Or daring?

Red short coat and a top hat

This coat is by Kenzo and timeless in my opinion. Perhaps I can update it better by wearing other shoes with it or something like that. Did not try my new modern patent leather shoes as my dearest husband gave them to me after these photos were taken. I do like these Hugo Boss boots a lot as well.

In an attempt to make the coat even more fun I added a real top hat. We bought this vintage hat years ago in its original case. My husband said it looked nice on me. But…. the next day…..when I asked him whether he dared going to a department store with me wearing the hat, he declined. I have never known the man to lie to me, so what is happening here?

I have no idea what you think of it. But I dread your opinion, haha.
So, for a more “normal” look, here are photos without the hat.

Well, I am very curious what you have to say about it.