Orange safari jacket

Any reader from outside the Netherlands will not know the name of the brand/shop called Pauw. Translated it means Peacock. Quite an appropriate name for fancy clothes and the women who wear them.

This shop or brand has had a good share of my wallet in the past. Especially in winter time.
This brand has many pros and cons. The clothes are horribly expensive but very good quality. They last a long time so most of their things I own are very old. They are not fashionable at all which has its upside as you want to get as much wear out of these clothes as you can get for that price. The downside is the “old fashioned lady-like” character of many of their clothes.

Today you will see an orange safari jacket by Pauw which I have combined with jeans and with my grey-green baggy trousers. The last combination was a bit of a risk, but I actually like it better than with the jeans. More edgy. And the jacket hides the bum, so no problems there either.

That dog insists on being in the photos….

Above: “What? what?”
The heels are grey-brown booties from Max Mara.

Which combination do you prefer?

Thierry Mugler black top and boyfriend jeans

This time my inspiration came from looking at another blogger Dixie Beauty. She looks fabulous in cropped boyfriend jeans.

The top by Thierry Mugler is a gift from my friend Marianne and so classy that it will never go out of fashion. It is slightly tight around the waist but not too bad.
As Dixie was wearing boyfriend jeans, I whipped out mine and tried to copy the look. As we say in advertising: “well copied is better than badly created” (literally translated from Dutch).

Let us say that it took me a while to get there. (Katty, if you read this:… it is quite clear that I do not know what a combination is going to look like when I start. Trial and error)
And again, the colours are black & white with a third colour. Am I boring you yet?

I will start with the combination I like best. With riding boots (sort of). They are very, very old but I have not been able to replace them with better ones.

Then you will see the top with red shoes, which I thought was ugly after I saw the photographs (perhaps because of the colour of my tights?). So I put on short booties with socks. It looked good on Dixie but I did not like it in my outfit. Why?? I have no clue. If I knew that I would probably be better at it.

Notice how perfect the neckline of the T-shirt is with the top? It took me 4 safety-pins to get that result…

If you think: “what are those white spots on her jeans?” … they are tears. Fashionable and you pay extra for them.

Below you will see the same top in a summer version. To me this is the best of them all.
The photo was taken by Anja as a reminder when we were trying out different combinations and not meant to be put on the blog. But it is so cold here that I did not want to go outside with bear legs.

Hope you enjoyed my journey.

Patent leather booties, cream skirt and black cardi

When visiting my stepdaughter for her birthday, my husband had one of his “love urges”. You probably wonder what this phenomenon entails… It means he is overflowing with love for the one(s) he is with and wants to do him/her/them a big favour.
Being his wife, I spend more time with him than other people so I am usually the lucky one. YOU CAN TOTALLY CLEAN HIM OUT when he is in this mood. Which I don’t.

This time his daughter and me were taken to a very good shoe shop and we each got two pairs of booties as a present. (He bought some lovely boots for himself as well.)

Here are my new black patent leather/suede shoes (booties?). I immediately started to combine my new shoes with what I have in my wardrobe. These modern shoes really update my old stuff. I feel terribly modern.

The colour of the top is neon lime. I bought the cardigan-jacket 4 weeks ago but I have not worn it yet. The skirt is three years old and a copy of a nine years old skirt. (A pencil skirt is a pencil skirt. Not much will change there.) My speckled tights are hard to see apart from the close-up. The light was terrible for photographing. The necklace and ring are made by Anja.

I know you should not brag about yourself but when I see a photo like the one above, I cannot help thinking: “gosh women, you might not be perfect, but your legs are”. (Sorry, not very modest.)

I need some help in photographing jewellery in close-up. Something to strive for.

Red La Dress dress

This dress is another item by La Dress… my red dress. The black and white polka dot sash is also by them.
Whenever I wear this dress I get compliments.

My husband Ron was trying to make me laugh by coming to the window threatening me with the vacuum cleaner.

So two more photos just for the fun of it.

Like it?

Christmas disillusionments

Christmas disillusionments…. I had a few this year.


This article will hopefully make you laugh. At least that is my intention and for that I am “sacrificing” looks for laughs. As these photos do not show a lot of beauty, apart from the beauty of my stepdaughter Nicky who is celebrating her 27th birthday today.

We had a lovely afternoon on first Christmas day. With presents exchanging (not planned, still nice) and laughter. Followed by a very nice meal from the caterer (as I am a bad cook and I did not want my husband to slave over the food all day. Especially not because I am the one who has to clean the kitchen afterwards.)

My husband Ron and Nicky went outside for a sigarette and I photographed them. Ron does not really smoke. Just one very 2 months or so.

Above: yes, we wear clogs in The Netherlands, but only at farms and muddy, slushy gardens. Not in town, Ron is just one of a kind and he likes clogs.
Below: he could not resist acting silly and Nicky, being his daughter, joined in.

Nicky and I looked at some of my outfits which resulted in a top and a jeans jacket changing owners…..
The top was my idea as I did not like the neckline on me and it looked terrific on her.

And the jacket changed owners because she (unwittingly) said it looked far Too Young on me.
The “TY-words”….aaghhh.. Look at my face below. We ended up killing ourselves laughing.

Monday you will see another outfit as I will be publishing Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Two times a week was too little for me. I miss you too much.
Have a nice weekend.