Enjoying the last sunny days of fall

Khaki trousers and blue shirtUnbelievably warm for the Netherlands in October. These khaki trousers are supposed to be for spring and autumn yet I was quite warm wearing them. Ron (husband) and I decided to hit a terrace in Haarlem for cappuccino on this lovely and warm Saturday morning. We chose restaurant Zuidam, for its unique location near the river (called Spaarne) and near a working windmill in the centre.  View Post

Shopping Saturday loose in Haarlem

Shopping SaturdayMy face is a bit silly in this picture. It was the start of another glorious Shopping Saturday with my friends Sabine and Anke. As the knee wasn’t up to shopping (story is getting old) we decided (or I dictated) to shop in Haarlem. That way I could travel by bike instead of walking. Riding a bike is good for the knee. We started in a place called Heemstede which is glued to Haarlem, as we had done before in February 2017 (see this post). View Post

Jewellery Art Fair 2017

Xenia Walschikow jewelleryOh boy, that was a difficult day. I mean the day Sabine and I visited the Jewellery Art Fair 2017 (Sieraad Art Fair). We both had already spent all of our money. The last place we should be was at this jewellery fair. We were tempted so many times and we would have succumbed if it wasn’t for lack of time. I didn’t look at the information before going and wrongly assumed that two and a half hours would be enough. Enough for 120 jewellery stands/artists… NOT. All of a sudden it was time to leave and see Anke with her newborn daughter. At the end of this post you will see some photos of that visit, but first the jewellery temptations. View Post

Isabel Marant necklace, Anke and Sabine

Isabel Marant necklaceThere it is, my Isabel Marant necklace, present from Ron when we were in Maastricht. It is such an unusual thing. The cream leather strings can move up and down and by doing so, the golden part in the middle will sit lower or higher on your body. I fell in love with it. As the jeweller (Clio) gave details about the necklace, in my mind I could see the price going up and up. Turned out it was affordable. I was ready to purchase when Ron beat me to it. View Post

Shopping in Haarlem

Anke, Greetje and SabineYes we did it again…. Shopping in Haarlem this time. At the end of one of these Saturdays our little group of friends can hardly wait for the next date. I think we could happily do this at least once a month. Alas, there is not enough money in the bank for that. We choose a different town each time. As you might have seen, we have been in Eindhoven, Antwerp, Utrecht, Amsterdam, again Amsterdam, and I probably forgot a few times. View Post