Railway station of Haarlem

Yellow Kenzo sweater black leather trousers (15 van 20)Last week’s blogpost got quite a good review. A hard act to follow. You do understand, I cannot always deliver such posts, don’t you? LOL… Why not? Well…because of the factors time (or rather the lack of it, due to a full-time job), availability (of husband with camera, time and willingness), good light and nice weather (usually bad in The Netherlands in winter). Fortunately my dear Ron asked me once again whether I wanted anything photographed for my blog and suggested the railway station of Haarlem as a setting. Beautiful old station, which meant Dark! And the day was Grey. And it Rained. View Post

Yellow coat, green silk blouse and B&W body

Black and white body with green blouse 7Hurray for skinnies. I love them, could wear them every day. They make my legs long and they feel like pjs. This particular pair of skinnies is by Max Mara (again…. Dan and me… we just love this brand).

Oh I have to tell you this before I go on. The sleeves of the purple Max Mara coat which you saw in my previous post were too long. The shop altered them for me. At the top of the sleeves, not at the bottom because then you would lose a button. They did it for free. Now that is Service.  View Post

Big orange cardigan

It is so nice to have really comfortable clothes in leasure time which still look stylish. To me this cardigan  is such a thing.

As you can see, snow has fallen in The Netherlands. Nevertheless bloggers must take photos, so cold or hot,  there you are, with your camera and remote, trying to take pictures which make you look good. It takes about a hunderd photos to get 4 to 6 pictures which you dare put on the internet. I am not kidding, I am not a photogenic person. If you think “she doesn’t look that bad”, just remember the selection 4 out of 100. LOL

Back to the big cardigan.

You will see this cardigan with:

  1. jeans, my patent leather bootie/shoes, a polka dot scarf tied long,
  2. black trousers, black boots and a black and white necklace,
  3. black trousers, black boots and the polka dot scarf tied short.

You can pick your favourite.



Below with the scarf tied short.


Black trouser suit

This suit is perfect for its comfort and quality. Again a suit by Pauw.
As you can see, it is very classic. Very much for the office (chic and strict), which I find rather limited.

In order to modernise it, I added the patent leather shoes. I had this suit in mind when I “bought” them.
And to brighten it up I chose colourful T-shirts and a playful scarf.
It still remains a very classic suit. What can you expect when you add pearls and a scarf (duh…). Never mind, sometimes I feel like classic. At least it is a suit that gives me a good figure and the shoes give it a modern twist.

As you can see I managed to make several combinations even though they are much alike:

  • with a red and white shirt
  • with a red and white shirt and a black and white scarf
  • with a black and white scarf and pearls
  • with an orange T-shirt and pearls 

I start with my favourite: red and white shirt, black and white scarf and dog.

The colours of some photos are a bit peculiar. I am still learning.

Below: without the scarf.

With only the scarf and pearls:

With the orange T-shirt and lots of pearls:

Lots of photos, much the same but also differing. Have you got a favourite?

An in-between-post of another black outfit: a dress

Today I was at Anja’s and she photographed this black dress I had on. But we were indoors and it was really bad weather, so the photos are not such good quality. And cropped to all sizes.

She had the Dutch singer Caro Emerald on with her number A night like this. See and hear her music here:

A night like this

So I could not keep my feet still. We had fun. The necklace is jade (almost Emerald green, what a coincidence). And Anja bought me another scarf, which I tried on. This girl is spoiling me.