Blue kimono top or rather: a haori top

Blue kimono topIt is holiday time my friends. Therefore this time a short post with very similar photos of my blue kimono top. It is actually called a haori. I gained this knowledge because Shelley (Forest City Fashionista) told me so. Apparently only the long version is called kimono. Thank you Shelley. View Post

White jacket and some holiday shots

Irie Wash white jacket with striped capri (1 van 6)When I left for a week’s holiday in Spain, this was my travel outfit. Flat comfortable shoes, a stretchy blue/white striped capri and a white jacket + top (by Irie Wash). You saw the jacket before in this post. Nothing pinches and layers for temperature differences. Fortunately it was rather warm when we left The Netherlands. We were quite mean as we took all that warmth with us to Javea in Spain. LOL

What was the holiday like?? Well: 30 degrees Celcius, beach with some wind, swimming pool, shopping and 4 girlfriends to laugh with till after midnight. You will see some holiday shots at the end of the post.  View Post

What to wear to Barcelona?

On a balcony at Casa Batllo MKnowing I would want to do a post about my little city trip, the big question was of course: what to wear to Barcelona? The temperature for those three days was going to be 25, 28 and 30 degrees Celcius which is very warm for me. Also, high heels (my favourite) were out of the question. Hours of walking is not something you do on high heels. Well… very few of us do. How to look nice on flat shoes with hardly any clothes on? View Post

Blue and white striped trousers

SAM_4644_LRAllright, this is going to be a quick post as I am actually on holiday. Therefore (again) some selfies in our garden. When I came down the morning I was wearing these blue and white striped trousers, my husband disapproved of the blue and white ballerinas I chose to go with the trousers. He asked “Haven’t you got something more edgy?”

“My brogues?” I replied. He had no idea what I meant, but bullseye! It is so nice to have your own personal stylist at your beck and call. View Post