Checked blouse with skinny trousers

Checked blouse with skinnies 014_LRLast year I showed you this blouse with jeans and mint-green booties. Very handy if you have to walk a lot. But I am a lover of high heels. No fun walking on them, well… at least not as easy as sneakers or ballerinas, but they make me look a lot better. Or is it all in my mind? Anyway, I tried this checked blouse with skinny trousers and high heels and rated this look a lot higher. I took the photos last year just before it started to get cold. So I kept them for spring.

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Blue Kenzo jacket with green and yellow skinnies

Blue Kenzo jacket with yellow skinnies 6It is so springtime in The Netherlands…. 21 degrees Celcius this weekend. Wonderful… but it did present me with a slight problem. All my photoshoots with a cold winter nose and winter outfits were not appropriate (really). And I had little time to prepare a post as I am trying to have a life outside blogging. Which is not easy. Therefore I was delighted to find a series of spring / autum photos waiting for me already prepared for publishing (did them early winter when it was too cold to publish them). My Kenzo jacket with green and yellow skinnies…. so much better than with normal trousers like I wore here. The skinnies make the jacket edgier. View Post

Anchor blouse with blue 7/8 trousers

Anchor blouse with blue trousers 2
This blouse was a real lucky find. You have seen it before with my black and white striped pencil skirt. But I actually bought it to wear in leasure time looking nice and still being comfortable. This blouse achieves that. View Post

Green knitted Max Mara tunic

Green Max Mara sweater 3
Every year my friend Lia and I go to a different European city. A present from my husband for my birthday. Lovely generous man.
Three years ago we went to Milan, a beautiful place. We roamed the city, visited the largest cemetry in Europe (the things you do when on holiday haha). And on the last day we shopped. I found perfect clothes at Max Mara, which is such a great Italian brand. Amongst others this green knitted tunic. My kind of green. View Post

Summer dress with flowers

Summer flower dress 2
When I was at the seamstress one day, I saw this silk lying there and fell in love. We decided on the collar, the type of skirt etc. and she made me a trial dress in cotton…. Stupid me: when I tried it on I noticed that the waistline was a bit high up, but never said anything. Thinking I could always put a belt around it if I wanted the waist a bit lower.  View Post