Green leather jacket with cream skinnies

SAMSUNG CSCWe have had a post with skinnies, then one with a skirt, skinnies, skirt, so time for skinnies again. As promised, herewith another styling of this versatile piece: my green leather jacket. This time with cream skinnies. Sylvia (40+Style) did a whole series with light coloured pieces for winter and I loved her cream trousers. Couldn’t find them myself. When she was over in The Netherlands we hunted together. With success. They are very comfortable and brighten things up a bit. View Post

Silk tunic blouse

Silk tunic blouse and brown boots Jan Jansen 2aThese photos were done by me in the garden (again) as I did not have a photographer available. The start of the outfit were the boots…. a steal at 20% of their original price at the end of the winter sale. Made by Jan Jansen. This Dutch shoe designer is famous all over the world. To me his shoes have a touch of magic, somewhat fairy-like. I combined these boots with cream trousers and a green silk tunic blouse to emphasize the boots. View Post

Black and white spring jacket

This is going to be an elaborate article. Not so much for text, but for the many photos.

The jacket is about 3 years old and very up to date, being black and white. I saw my fellow blogger Trina wearing such a jacket in a fun way with polka dot tights. As copying is the best compliment you can give the creator ….. I went ahead and did just that. Unfortunately my copy was not as good at the original by Trina (Teatime with Trina).

So I decided to go back to my original combination with trousers. You will see the jacket with cream trousers and with white trousers. And with:

  • a long (double) black belt
  • a small black belt
  • a yellow belt
  • no belt 

After looking at the photos I decided that the double belt is not really good for this jacket. Especially not seen from the back. But I cannot decide between a small belt and no belt.
Obviously it does not matter what colour top you wear underneath it.

Below you see the back of the jacket, on the left with the double belt and on the right without one. 


Below: my Trina “imitation”.

Below: just for fun and variation, sitting in a chair: on the left with cream trousers, on the right with white trousers.

Below: with red top and yellow belt (very daring for me).

Below: with a small black belt.

Below: no belt

They say you should kill your darlings. Meaning you should choose and limit the number of photos.
I am afraid I was not very successful at that this time.

Black poncho, cream trousers

Here we are again with black and white….. According to Suzanne, B&W is going to be a big hit this spring and summer. Boy, am I ahead of things. LOL
This poncho was made by a young designer from Young Designers United (YDU). It is adorned with black Swarovski crystals. A very simple and effective design.

As usual I tend to overdo things like adding a necklace and such. Luckily I hear Chanel’s voice more and more, saying: “when in doubt, leave out the last accessory”. I have to take that a step further and leave out the last two accessories.
I am striving for classic with a modern twist. Not for “more is more”. OK, OK… I can hear you think…. sometimes I do like “more is more”. Call me fickle, I am a woman.

Starting the photos with the best result in my opinion. Which is without a collar shirt and with long boots.
As we go along you will see the poncho with a poloshirt and the poncho with a necklace and patent leather shoes. The latter are really nice, but not in this outfit (too many focus points).

Nicely covering my bum and creating hips.


Of course there is an animal in the pictures. Can you see my cat Sophie, on the right from the brown pot, hiding underneath the bushes?

Above: with a polo shirt.
Below: with polo shirt, necklace and patent leather shoes. Too much.

Hope you enjoyed my journey.

Brown jacket, cream skinny, cognac boots

I was a bit fed up with all combinations in black, although I still have loads of them.
Therefore I went out this afternoon, in the snow, to take these pictures.

It was not a very bright idea to pick that spot underneath the tree as the snow was melting…… The camera was drip-dry secure underneath a little roof of the shed, but I wasn’t.

It is supposed to be very cold today. Haven’t noticed it really. Which is not that strange considering I have been working indoors most of the day. You should have seen me! Dressed in a worn-out dressing gown (with stains….. terrible). Hair…. how shall I put it? Not as neatly combed as normally, is the understatement of the year. Reading glasses on. Typing away, telephoning etc. So glad there is no visual contact yet when you are phoning. At least not standard. In the near future you will have to explain why you leave it switched off.

By the way: hairdresser tomorrow. Not a day too soon.

I have no further comment with these photos. Do you?