One holiday day with lots of friends

One holiday day with lots of friendsAs it happened I spent one holiday day with lots of friends, the last day. First there was lunch with Anja (blog Curly Traveller) and Misja (blog MisjaB). (You have seen both on my blog a lot of times.)

In the evening I went out to dinner with 3 friends: Marianne, Claudia and Jiske. Two other members of this group of friends were on holiday. All of these women are used to having their photograph taken, so that was all right. View Post

What to wear in Spain – the sequel

What to wear in SpainRight! Another post on what to wear in Spain. As I said in last week’s post, shopping, sunbathing and eating is what we (6 girlfriends) do on holiday in Spain. And drinking cocktails. This first photo shows you my long blue and white striped tunic. Or is it a dress? I don’t know, could be both I think. Most of my friends were not very thrilled when I tried it on in the shop. The photos they took showed a terrible outfit. And still I could not resist it. View Post

What to wear on holiday in Spain

What to wear on holiday in SpainThis first photo is representative of my holiday with 5 friends who I have known for 21 years. Laughter, laughter, laughter. Oh.. and shopping. My word, these women are worse than me (I do pick them, don’t I?). Which is why this blogpost deserves the title “What to wear on holiday in Spain” as you are going to see a lot of outfits. Not only mine, but my friends as well. I am thrilled to bits that they let me use their photos for a blogpost. View Post