Meeting Karen in a red and white outfit

Greetje and KarenThis is a special post, one by request. About meeting Karen (above) in The Hague. Karen and I would never have met if it wasn’t for Elizabeth and her Instagram account: the Antique Goddess. Elizabeth also has a blog called: The Vintage Contessa. I first “found” her on Instagram and started following her, reading her blogpost off and on. We commented on each other’s blog and Instagram photos. And Karen, born in California and living in The Hague (The Netherlands), did the same. Karen’s Instagram account is Karen Persson.

Elizabeth “knowing” the both of us, insisted we’d meet and that we would send her a photo of the two of us as proof. For her birthday, which is today. We thought it was a charming idea. So one Friday morning when I had the day off, I drove to The Hague which is only 45 minutes by car, door to door. Everything is close by in The Netherlands. View Post

Sequins at a farmers’ market

SequinsWhen I arranged to meet my friend Marjolein, I was in need of blog photos. Seems to be a recurring thing. This time the “theme” was sequins. She didn’t mind taking my pictures that afternoon. Great. Now…. would she know a good place to do the shoot? No wind, indoors with a lot of daylight, therefore huge windows? Her husband came up with Urban Farmers in The Hague. Fantastic place. The two top floors of a seven-storey building were converted into a greenhouse and farmers’ market. So nice and weird finding this in the middle of a city. View Post

Shopping in The Hague

Shopping in The Hague (2 van 27)Let me introduce you to Marjolein, my friend from when I was 20, so we go back 40 years (oh… God…). Last Wednesday I went shopping in The Hague with her (its her hometown). I used to live there for 7 years but preferred Amsterdam.

I work 36 hours per week (or more) in 4 (long) days and Wednesdays I have the day off to enjoy some social life. It is my girlfriend day. View Post