New car, leopard top and purple coat

New car en leopard in outfit 9Well… that was rather a quick decision process. A new car. See the grin on my face? I could not stop smiling the whole day. It is an Italian car, an Alfa Romeo MiTo, off-white (creamy) with a black roof. Candy-like with a sporty / manly vibe. View Post

Leopard summer sandals

Leopard summer sandals 1

Could not resist these sandals in spring. But up till now I have worn them once and we are nearly at the end of June.  I hope they are still in fashion next year.

They are cute (at least in my opinion) but not easy to style for me as they draw lots of attention to themselves. Which means you have to be “quiet” above the shoes. And as I always buy “noisy” clothes, it needed some thought before I came up with this combination. Anja, my friend, nextdoor neighbour and personal stylist (haha, she will laugh when she reads this), helped me with the outfit. She thought that the belt should be in my waist, while I rebuted “that is  sooooo eighties..!!”  I am very pig-headed you see.

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Black and white challenge

As most of you know, I am a big fan of Sylvia’s site 40+ Style. And she has given her readers another challenge. I love her challenges.
This time it is an easy one: combine black and white with another colour. If you want to joint this challenge, you have to hurry up as the deadline is March 16.

I am a master at black and white combinations with another colour. So I decided it had to be more challenging for me, taking me a step futher. I was going to combine black and white with TWO colours. Well….that might be easy for some, but not for me: I bit off more than I could chew. No results. No inspiration whatsoever. How lame can you get?

It shouldn’t have come as a surprise as I know my limits. Just got flippant because you all have been cheering me on, giving me so much praise for my outfits. (No I am not, repeat NOT fishing for compliments.)

Anyway, here are two of my entries. Don’t know whether the outfit with the black sweater is going to be accepted. Are the trousers grey? Or black and white?

As the weather was still cold with snow but nice and sunny at the same time, I took the photos indoors.

With open toe shoes.

Below: black, white and green. With pumps.

I got reckless and tried a short cardigan…. don’t think I like it.
Below: for fun, for leasure time: with sneakers and another necklace. 
Sweater tucked in at the front, totally the rage at the moment.

Next Tuesday some more black and white. With neon pink. Bring your sunglasses.

Red flower skirt Max Mara

Last year I bought this flower skirt, red jumper and white blouse at Max Mara. Perfect brand. Pricy but you get well-fitting clothes.
Red is my perfect colour and the shape of the skirt is flattering for me as it gives me a waist.
Finally used my new small black belt as well.

I used to only wear it the way I bought it due to lack of fantasy. And I wore it with a black beaded necklace.
Anja thought the necklace made it look too old fashioned. I remember this brooch (put on a string) and she asked me to wear just a black top underneath the jumper. (Not wearing a top underneath it would get me arrested.)

When you see the last photo you will see the wrinkles in my neck again….pfff. I so much want to photoshop it… I don’t but it is soooo ugly. For those readers who are a lot younger than I am: …this does not necessarily happen to you too when you get older. A lot depends on your genes.
I just have to accept it.

Now look at these photos below. You’d think that my posture is quite reasonable. But it is not. See the difference between left and right.
It is so difficult to improve your posture. You cannot remember to stand straight the whole day. Such a pity as it changes your looks SO MUCH.

Which combination do you prefer? With the white blouse? Or with the black top?